4 must-have characteristics to include in your appointment reminder template

If you are struggling with patients who are forgetting their appointments, clients who are missing their scheduled dates, and your employees are getting noticeably frustrated by the lack of respect and communication, you need to invest in a better client outreach method. Although you may think that your administration staff is doing the best job with the tools they have – and you are right – you need to give them new tools to use so they can efficiently communicate with customers and clients in the best way possible. Avoid using precious manpower and employee time calling and leaving voicemails for clients and customers – instead, use an appointment reminder service to connect with customers.

This way, you can almost 100% guarantee that your client will see the message, they will understand the information, and they will respond to the message. Using text messages and written messaging to a person’s phone has a much higher open rate and the likelihood of being seen than email, voicemail, or phone calls – in fact, 90% of text messages are opened within the first 3 minutes of being delivered! Take advantage of how addicted people are to their phones and use an appointment template to help craft the perfect reminder for your customers.

4 must-have for your appointment reminder template

If you’re trying to craft the perfect appointment reminder for your business, then you need to come with a template that you can use for every single reminder. Instead of having to craft a text from scratch before every message to each individual client, you can simply use an appointment reminder template to cut down on time and boost efficiency.

Name of the client

The first characteristic that you must include is the name of the client. This shows that you took the time to include the person’s name and you add a personalized touch to the message – if you do not include the theme the person may think it was sent by accident or it does not pertain to them.

Location of the appointment

The second must-have piece of information on your appointment reminder template is the location of the appointment. If you are a business that has multiple offices, a healthcare clinic that has various locations, or a hair salon that has a few branches, you need to include the location on the reminder so the client shows up to the right spot.

Appointment time

The next detail to include on the appointment reminder time is the appointment time! This is arguably the most important detail to include on the template for your business.

Personalized touch

The last thing to add is a personal touch from your business – this can be your business slogan, a nice farewell, or something else that makes them feel like you care about them as a client.


If you are considering using appointment reminders to help clients stay on schedule and avoid wasted time, then crafting an appointment reminder template is the best way that you can cut down on time, boost efficiency, and include only the most important information in your reminder!

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