5 Major Benefits of Link Building

Search engine optimization (frequently referred to as SEO for short) is becoming more and more critical to a business’ success. As more and more consumers spend time online and internet usage continues to spike, it’s critical for your company to perform well in online search results if you’re serious about competing with other businesses.

That being said, SEO is a complicated beast and involves a lot of different factors, all of which contribute to your page rank and how much organic traffic you wind up receiving week to week. One factor that plays a big role in search results is what keywords your website is optimized with, while another is how much domain authority your webpage has. In both cases, a strategy called link building can help you boost your keyword rankings, and, in turn, your organic traffic. Learn about the five major benefits of link building below.

1. Link building is straightforward.

Search engine algorithms can get complicated, so not every aspect of search engine optimization is easy to understand. That being said, when it comes to building organic traffic, link building, also known as link earning, is a strategy that’s straightforward and effective. Basically, link building involves getting more websites to link to your website. This, in turn, raises your search engine rank and can result in more organic traffic from readers of other blog posts or news sites.

2. Backlinks help promote domain authority.

Domain authority is a major aspect of any SEO campaign, and backlinks specifically address the authority of your page. Keep in mind that Google and other search engines are companies with goals that need to be met. One of the Google search console’s major goals is to function properly, which means that when a user enters a search term, they need to get an answer or receive a result relevant to their search term.

If you Google, “How do I measure my waist?” there are probably countless websites all with the correct answer. Domain authority and page authority help search engines determine which website is “best” or most “trustworthy” by looking at how many other websites are linking to a specific landing page. As such, generating more backlinks is like getting more referrals from other websites, and it ensures that your domain performs well in searches.

3. SEO services can handle content creation for you.

While link building might be relatively easy to understand, in order to get the SEO performance you’re looking for, it might be helpful to work with another company to help you with your link building campaign. Manick Bhan started one such company, LinkGraph, in order to help companies increase their search volume the right way using keyword tools and quality content. If you don’t have the time to work on a content strategy but are still interested in improving your search rankings, it may be worth looking into a digital marketing agency like Bhan’s for a free consultation.

4. Backlinks boost your rank for certain keywords.

While backlinks improve your page authority and overall domain authority, it’s also worth noting that if you have specific keywords you want to increase your performance for, backlinks can be helpful there, too. A link building campaign accomplishes multiple goals at once. This kind of contextual relevance for the keywords you want your web page to score well for is a key part of link building SEO.

5. Internal links can help you boost other niche blog posts on your site, too.

If you have a new landing page or piece of content you want to have rank well for some important keywords, internal linking on your website can be worth playing with, too. While less effective than getting links from another website, if you have a web page that scores well for SEO, finding a way to have it link to your new post can give you a head start. This is especially helpful if your primary keyword has some level of keyword difficulty.

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