Are you in a telework situation (employee, company manager, etc.), or are you self-employed? To remain efficient even from home and being properly equipped, it is essential that you have the best tools to be productive in your personal environment.

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Whether for video calls, organizing your tasks, online security, etc., you will find many applications to carry out your missions remotely. Thus, to gain in efficiency, even in particular, even unprecedented working conditions, being organized will be the key to your success.

To help you with that, we have put together the best apps to communicate remotely, create, and manage your projects or your team.

The advantages of Telecommuting are considerable: being able to work from where you want, more work organization, more free time, no need to travel by car, less stress are just some of the best advantages.



Are you having trouble managing your time? Adopt Toggle! Based on the Cloud, it is a monitoring tool that calculates the duration of your work by illustrating it with detailed graphics.

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It includes several features such as synchronizing your data in real-time, exporting logs in the form of an Excel sheet, sharing your calendars, etc. This is the best way to assess the time spent on a complete project and the duration of each task performed.


The Trello application is a collaborative service through which you will have access to a digital management board.

This way, all your tasks are listed through cards. To organize yourself as well as possible, you can create lists, rename them to your care and add labels or notifications.

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Are you in charge of planning a meeting with your clients or colleagues? To put it simply, we recommend Doodle. Rather than asking one person after another for an answer, this app helps you find the right niche for everyone through a survey.

For each response to your invitation, you will receive a notification; what better way to organize your days.



The VPN service is often used for security reasons; it can access your computer remotely and to sites in confidence and non-accessible content from anywhere.

Adblock Plus  

It’s no secret that many sites owe their existence to advertising. This process is legitimate, but the ads can quickly become a burden on Internet users. It is difficult to navigate correctly from page to page, slow loading, and difficult to read the content. To make matters worse, some pop-ups hide a potential Trojan horse, in other words, a virus or malware.



Slack is an increasingly popular app among professionals. This instant messaging platform is childishly simple; through its interface, you can create discussion channels in groups or in private.

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Indeed, this service offers you an option to send different files through several compatible online services.

Its free version does not allow you to keep messages; you will have to pay an annual subscription for that.


Teams are a free tool integrated into the Microsoft 365 suite. In addition to video calls, you will be able to exchange views, organize meetings, share documents, generate statistical reports, etc. It notably integrates storage, note-taking, as well as file transfer.

This is a professional version of the well-known Skype, and it can act like an instant messenger. For real teamwork, you even have the option of determining up to 500,000 users.


Telecommuting is a new agile working model that allows company employees who work via computer and telephone to be able to carry out their duties from wherever they deem it most appropriate, obviously following agreements with the company they work for.

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