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Construction of houses today Most popular to build houses รับสร้างบ้านโคราช with concrete structures. Before we can start up the structure of the house. We come to know the pile work in different ways. that are used to carry the weight of houses Varies according to the type of needle, so it should be selected to suit the job. or the form of the building

  1. Piercing needles are now more and more popular. In the event that it is applied to the home due to technique And the method is not very difficult. And the price is not expensive. with other people’s houses, for example, at a distance of 0.80 meters, without wanting the neighboring houses to have problems with cracks, collapses, or the alley that enters the construction area It is very narrow in size, unable to transport long piles to be hammered, so it is necessary to use a needle to drill.

The principle of the piercing needle is Used to dig the soil through hollow round steel pipes. with a diameter of 35 centimeters or more, depending on the weight of the building, with the ends of the two sides spiraling continuously into the soil Piercings for homes are usually 21 meters deep. soil layer in engineering Normally, the load-bearing sandy soil layer in Bangkok and its vicinities is approximately 19-22 meters deep) and then hammered in round steel pipes one by one. Then dig up the soil and hammer it down until it reaches the desired depth. Then tie the steel according to the specification and drop it into the pipe. pour concrete by section then gradually Slowly pull up the steel pipe. piece by piece until the end and then close the mouth of the hole Wait until the cement is dry and the ceremony is finished. It can be seen that the vibrations that occur around The needle punching is less than the needle punching system. in pieces Until it’s complete

  1. Needle Press is another way to reduce the vibration of hammering. And it is less difficult to use with structures that are not large or carry a lot of weight, such as garages, fence walls, single-storey kitchens. or urgent tasks that do not want to set up a spin Press pin is a method that uses a backhoe to pull a pile of NCSC hexagonal cross-section, 6 meters long and press it by using the backhoe’s steel arm to press down. This will not cause vibration with the surrounding. This method is convenient and quick, but be careful of the piles must be straight and pressed. otherwise the pole will be warped or broken. or make weight not as good as it should
  2. Hammer is a needle that is quite economical. compared to piercing needles can work fast It is widely used for a long time, but the disadvantage is It causes more vibration when hammering than all types of needles. and the compression of the soil that the needle was hammered into replace the cross-section of the needle It may be I-shaped or solid square. Generally, they are about 8-9 meters long per piece, so 2 pieces have to be connected to get the depth. This type of pile may make buildings adjoining due to vibration In addition, operations require space, such as installing a crane. long needle causing inconvenience in moving

Therefore, it can be seen that each type of needle It has advantages and disadvantages. for the reader to consider as appropriate

The foundation is the part that is attached to the head of the pile. load from the pile to the pile We can categorize the foundations into main types:

  1. The foundation is a foundation that extends to the ground. No needle to support Suitable for soils that are already strong, such as hillside soil.
  2. Needle Foundation Use in areas with weak soil conditions such as Bangkok. this kind of foundation will bear the weight from the piles, piles and soil, respectively.
  3. Anchor rod foundations It is a concrete base cast deep into the soil or water. to the desired level This type of foundation is not commonly used in residential homes.

in making the foundation need special attention Since the selection of the foundation according to the condition of the soil Construction materials should be used strictly according to engineering drawings, not cutting down to size. The cement used to make the foundation must use Portland Cement, which is more expensive than plaster. Because if the foundation collapsed, it would cause a lot of damage to the house. Or the whole building is difficult to fix. The ratio of cement : sand : stone used in foundation work and road works is 1: 2.5 : 4 should use the aforementioned structural mortar. as well as ensuring that the rocks and sand are clean enough

in the first step Rough concrete should be poured over the top of the soil. Before pouring, the piles should be cleaned. and use fiber to decorate the needle to level first, then pour the coarse concrete so that the pile emerges about 5 cm from the coarse concrete to ensure that the foundation sits and transfers strength on the pile. It is a type of laying a steel grate on the foundation. After that, use mortar balls to support the steel grates on both the bottom and sides (approximately 5 cm) so that the mortar can cover all the steel before pouring should make the pouring area moist, prevent the soil from absorbing water from the concrete. This will reduce the strength of the concrete. must also do Check cleanliness to make sure before pouring that there are no mud stains. or sand mortar which is easy to fall off during pouring The concrete must be rammed by hand. or use a vibrator to prevent cavities or voids in the concrete in the foundation

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