Football Betting Explained

If you are interested in football เว็บแทงบอลออนไลน์ but don’t know the basics, you can read this article for a simple explanation of the most common terms used in this form of betting. The terms you should know include the Point spread, Total, Moneyline, and Parlay. These terms refer to the teams’ odds, which are added together to create the total. In addition, there is also a “hook,” which is the half-point added to the odds of a team.

Point spread

If you’re a fan of NFL football, you might be interested in learning more about point spreads in football betting. Typically, a team will be given a certain number of points on the point spread for a game, but this can vary greatly depending on the game and how it’s being viewed. There are some obvious advantages to using point spreads, however. First of all, they’re more even. In general, home teams are preferred by three points over teams playing in neutral fields.

In football betting, the point spread is a number that determines the outcome of the game. It’s a mathematical calculation that compares two teams using Pythagorean projected win totals. Each half’s win is worth one point, so a team that projects to win nine would be favored by three points on the point spread. In contrast, a team with a projected win total of 7.5 would be underdog and favored by three points. In other words, a seven-point spread means that a team’s odds of winning are next to seven points. If the favorite team wins by more than seven points, the bet will be winning, and the underdog will lose the bet.


The odds for Total football betting vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. The odds of winning or losing the game are determined by the number of goals scored. Depending on the number of goals scored, a player can place a bet on a total of 2.5, 3.5, or even 4.5. This strategy requires an accurate prediction of each game’s score. Total football betting is also known as Asian betting. The odds of winning a bet on this type of bet are usually higher than those on a single-game result.

While the National League is not as popular as other leagues, it still boasts competitive gameplay. In total football betting, a runner-up in the National League can win. Non-league tier matches can also be matched up for 1×2 bets. A few sites also offer weekend accumulators where you can add any team that isn’t in the Football League to a treble or a triple treble if you are a fan of that league.


When most people think of football betting, they think of point spreads. However, there is a much simpler method to determine the outcome of a game: Moneyline betting. Unlike point spreads, moneyline betting is set for each game, including NFL games and many college games. By placing your bets on the moneyline, you will be able to make more money without worrying about the point spread. Here are the benefits of moneyline football betting.

If you’re a casual bettors, you may occasionally find yourself in a “middling” situation, where you win a few games but lose a bunch. However, moneyline betting makes this situation far less likely. If you bet on the team that’s favored by the moneyline, you’ll make money in about 55 percent of games. If you’re betting against the moneyline, you’ll lose more money than you’re winning, but the odds are lower for the underdog team.


Parlay football betting is a fun way to multiply your winnings with a relatively low nominal bet. With this form of betting, you combine several football games into one wager and hope that all of your picks will be correct. This can be risky as one wrong pick could cost you your entire stake. Parlay football betting cards are available in Delaware at Murphy’s Race and Sports Book. It’s also possible to place a parlay with multiple games at one sportsbook.

Another type of Parlay is the Mix Parlay. The Mix Parlay combines several events from different leagues into one single bet. This bet involves selecting events from two or three different leagues to bankroll your entire bet. Many sportsbooks allow Parlay betting, but you may need to select at least two other leagues in order to make it legal. There are also some restrictions that may prevent you from using the mix parlay type of bet.

Player props

There are many types of player props in football betting. For instance, the first touchdown of a particular player is an interesting prop to bet on. This prop is easy to make, but it’s important to note that a player’s past performance may influence the prop’s value. Another popular player prop is the over/under. These props are great for those who want to place a wager and keep track of the game throughout the entire game.

A player prop bet is one of the simplest ways to get into football betting. In fact, prop betting became popular in 1986 when bookmaker Art Manteris of Caesar’s Palace offered 20/1 odds on William Perry finding the endzone during the Super Bowl. Perry had only one carry in the game, but turned it into a touchdown. Since then, the number of player prop bets has increased and continues to grow.


The Over/Under number is set by sports books based on many factors. These factors include weather conditions, injuries, and team history. These factors may not jump out to the casual football fan. The sports books take all these factors into account when setting the over/under number. This means that it can be very difficult to accurately predict what the final score will be. But if you understand how the numbers are calculated, you can make money betting on the football game you love.

The over/under number can be based on many different statistics, including the total points scored. The total points scored is probably the most popular bet for over/under football betting. Sportsbooks try to get as many bets on either side of the over/under number as possible. They then post the most likely value. While this isn’t always possible, a large number of people bet on the over/under number.

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