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You would like to watch a good movie on the sofa, but the TV is always busy with your relatives. A classic… but don’t worry: with today’s tutorial, I will propose some solutions that allow you to watch  full movies for free, clearly in a completely legal way, from your computer, smartphone and tablet.

Yes, I already know what you’re thinking: it will certainly be collections of very old films, or perhaps independent works made by emerging directors. But no! You will be pleased to know that this is not the case. Certainly on the sites I will talk about in the next chapters there is no shortage of independent films (and I recommend you to watch them, because they are often very interesting!), As well as the great classics of the history of cinema, but among the films offered by these sites there are also quite recent films. Then, if you are interested in seeing the latest Hollywood blockbusters, I suggest you refer to the chapter of this guide in which I tell you about paid streaming platforms, which often have a free trial version.

You can visit 123 movies  or to watch free movies online.

In short: whether you are a fan of horror films, a fan of action films or a fan of comedies, you will surely find something nice to watch at no cost, I’m sure. I would say, therefore, not to waste any more time chatting and to see immediately which are the best sites that offer streaming movies for free. Once you have read the resources suggested in this tutorial, you will be spoiled for choice: guaranteed !.


One of the best portals that offer the possibility to watch full movies for free is  VVVVID , which also offers TV series and anime. In most cases, it offers products that are fairly recent in terms of release and, then, there is the wide availability of films belonging to different genres, from comedy to horror.

VVVVID can be used directly from a computer, through the use of any browser for Internet browsing, such as Google Chrome , and from a smartphone or tablet, by downloading the  free VVVVID application for Android  and  iPhone / iPad . However, it requires a free registration.

Then connect to its home page and accept the terms and conditions of use, also placing a check mark on the boxes relating to consent for personal data. Then click on the OK button , fill in the registration form you see on the screen and, finally, click on the Register button . If you want to create an account more quickly, press the Enter with Facebook button in order to log in with the account of this social network.

Once the registration is complete, press on the Film item that you can find in the top menu bar, click on the title of your interest and start playing it, pressing first on the movie poster and then on the Watch button . If you need to search, click on the Featured, Popular or New Releases tabs to see the list of the hottest, most viewed and recently added films. By clicking on the Genres and AZ items , you can filter the search based on a particular genre or on the initial of the title.

PopCorn TV

Another Internet site to consider for free movies is  Delta Pictures’ PopCorn TV , which hosts mainly American cassette films, anime and soap operas.

This web portal presents a player in HTML5 format and, therefore, you can play its contents on any device (computer, smartphone or tablet) without running into any kind of problem and without using external plugins. Furthermore, it does not require any registration.

To access the contents of PopCorn TV, therefore connect to  the home page of the site and press on the item that refers to the film genre of your interest, for example Action, Comedy, Horror or Drama . Then click on the poster of the movie you want to see and press the button with the ▶ symbol.

If, on the other hand, you have chosen to play an anime (category Anime> Streaming anime ) or a telenovela ( Telenovelas>  Streaming telenovelas ), after going to the indicated category and clicking on the poster, click on the Watch first episode button , in order to start it reproduction.

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MyMovies Live

One of the best platforms for watching movies online is undoubtedly MyMovies Live , a Web portal that can be used from a computer that stands out for its originality. This website, in fact, works as if it were a virtual cinema: films are broadcast on certain days and times and, to see them, it is necessary to book a “virtual seat” in a room with limited tickets.

Furthermore, the films that are broadcast are mainly films by independent directors, in some cases seen at major film festivals. The films can be in Italian or in the original language with subtitles.

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