How to Remove a Number Plate?

Having a personalised number plate can be very fun. It makes your car stand out of the crowd, allows you to add a bit of your personality to your vehicle, and can be particularly interesting if you passionate about cars. In fact, you’re so serious about it that you’ve already made the decision to exchange your boring number plate to a personalised one. 

You’ve found the perfect private number plate on plate sales and have sorted out the transfer paperwork with the DVLA. You likely have a number plate on the way or have already received it. So now, it’s time to think about physically removing your old number plate from your car to make space for the new one. 

Homework Before Removing Your Number Plate

Before you can remove an old number plate, it is crucial that you determine exactly how it’s been fixed. Usually, numbers plates are fixed using either of the two methods: 

  • They are secured with screws. 
  • They are stuck on with strong sticky pads or double sided tapes. 

Depending on the method, the process of removal will vary slightly. 

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Removing the Number Plate

Now that you’ve figured out the method through which the number plate is secured to your vehicle, you can choose the suitable method to remove it from below. 

  • Secured with Screws

Screws are usually covered with plastic caps to hide them and provide a neater finish to the number plate. Carefully remove these covers so you can proceed with unscrewing. Hold the number plate in place with a gentle yet sturdy grip and start unscrewing the screws one by one. 

It is important to hold the number plate, or else it may fall the second it gets loose and end up damaging your vehicle. Once all the screws are loose, carefully remove the number plate from the vehicle. 

Some number plates that are screwed in may also have a two sided tape applied for improved adhesion. So if it doesn’t come out effortlessly, proceed to following the next step. 

  • Secured with Double-Sided Tape or Sticky Pads

Whether your number plate is secured with a double-sided tape or a sticky pad, you’ll be using the same method of removal. For this, you’ll either need a string, fishing aid, or dental floss. Take the thread the gently slide it between the number plate and surface of the vehicle. 

You’ll have to be a little patient and continue the process until the number plate is removable. The thin yet strong material of the thread will help cut through the stickiness of without damaging your vehicle’s bodywork. 

If the glue is particularly rigid, adding some heat might help. Try to warm the number plate up with a heat gun or hair dryer to loosen the adhesive before continuing the process. 

As you can see, the process of removing a number plate is quite straightforward. So don’t get intimated by it and try doing the job yourself. 

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