Introduction to guest posting

Guest posting is placing an article or content on a website that is owned by someone else, ideally in the same field of interest or niche as your website. Guest posting is also great for your SEO.

If your name appears on posts on websites other than yours, it can attract more visitors to your website. That way you will bring more traffic.

Finding sites for guest posting

For this, you might need to do some research because not all websites accept guest posts. But no need to worry since a quick Google search will fix that.

There are research tools to help you find great websites that allow guest posts. You can also look at competitors’ work and maybe pick up some tricks they’re using.

But if you don’t have time to do the research and don’t know where to start, we recommend this site.

What if you accept guest posts yourself?

First, you got to make sure your home page is filled with great content. Because for new visitors this is the first thing they’re going to see and you don’t want to leave a wrong impression.

So it is important that you tidy up your home page before accepting any guest posts. You want new visitors to be intrigued and want them to stay longer on your page. That’s why you have to emphasize great content on your home page and include few engaging headlines as well.

Once you do that, you can accept guest posts but be careful with content, make sure it stays within your niche.

But guest posting isn’t as easy as it sounds, you might need some help, and we have a perfect tool for you.

Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box is a plugin that adds an author box at the end of your post. All of that with just a click of a button.

With Simple Author Box, you can add a description, website, social media links, and you can credit the guest content creators.

Main features:

  • This author box plugin lets you display the authors’ name and avatar, as well as personal details, in order for a visitor to connect better with the author.
  • Add as many social icons as needed.
  • Add an author box automatically or manually, your choice.
  • Simple Author Box supports RTL and AMP.
  • Add multiple author boxes.


Whether you write them or accept them yourself, guest posts are a great addition to have on your website.

They will bring in more traffic, resulting in better SEO, meaning your business would be blooming.

It is important to have an author box; without it, you can’t promote your social media accounts, and you can’t give credit to guest post authors.

Simple Author Box meets these requirements and provides you with many other features.

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