• HQs Raises $26M in Series A Funding Led by Sequoia Capital, Making Headlines on TechCrunch

    HQs, a startup that provides a virtual atozmp3 platform for teams to collaborate on projects, recently announced its successful $26 million Series A funding round, led by Sequoia Capital. The news was quickly picked up by TechCrunch, which published an article titled “HQs raises $26M to bring more virtual collaboration tools to market.” The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption…

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  • What are The 6 Basic Hospitality Skills?

    To pursue a career in hospitality, you will need to be competent in a range of basic skills. Mastering them during employee training will set you apart from the competition and help you land your dream job. These skills will help you to serve customers effectively and provide them with a great experience. Below are the six essential skills that…

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  • What are some of the best acne treatments in Australia?

    Acne is an unfortunate reality for many people. It’s not something that only happens during your teenage years, either. Australia is known for its humidity; humid weather means acne and pimples! It can also strike Australian adults in their 20s, 30s and beyond. If you’re dealing with acne, you may be looking for the best acne treatment Australia has to…

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  • How to Choose the Right Sports Gear: A Guide

    If you’re a true believer in Nike’s “Life is a sport, Make it count” slogan, you realise that it relates to more than just being in shape. It’s the same as buying sporting goods as actually playing the sport. The more time and thought you put into it, the better your results. Numerous sporting equipment stores, dozens of popular manufacturers,…

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  • Top silk sarees for defining a stylish Diwali

    Diwali is all about joy, good times, colour, and reviving customs that our predecessors established. It’s kind of a wonderful tradition that we Indians follow to enjoy the many delicacies that the incredibly kind women of the house prepare as well as the opportunity to dress in various styles for each puja that takes place in each relative’s home. Since…

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  • Top 5 factors to consider before purchasing basketball shorts

    While the average person might not think about their clothing very often, for a sportsperson, what they wear can mean the difference between the best time and a personal worst. Proper attire can provide not only comfort but also improve performance. The wrong clothing, on the other hand, can cause chafing, distraction, and even injuries. Understanding the factors influencing a…

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