Many other countries play a leading role in adopting blockchain technology

The press conference also said that Australia, China, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and many other countries play a leading role in adopting blockchain technology. The technology has been used in Australia’s tax system, Singapore’s healthcare system and Norway’s land registration. The use of blockchain technology has already started in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Computer Council has successfully used blockchain technology to provide pensions to primary school teachers in its digital solution.

Also, various domestic software companies, including Technohaven Company Limited, are developing blockchain solutions for overseas markets blockchain could play a unique role for document authentication, e-governance, identity verification, supply chain and especially fintech solutions.

This promising technology will create enormous opportunities for young people.

Almost every industry is expected to transform into blockchain technology. It can create a more efficient and prosperous world, where people can connect without intermediaries’ need. Last year, the first blockchain Olympiad was held in the country. A total of 72 projects were presented in the Olympiad, out of which 20 projects were finalized. The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution caused a great stir in technology all over the world.
Blockchain is one of the technologies that started this revolution.

It is possible to digitally solve many existing problems through the application of this technology. Four seminars on the blockchain will be held in three days of this year’s National Blockchain Olympiad, where local and foreign blockchain experts, policymakers and others will participate. In addition to participating physically, you can also participate in the online Olympiad. State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak made the remarks at a press conference at the Bangladesh Computer Council Auditorium at the ICT.

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