Men- Be Minimal, But Stylish

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” 

The American actor-director Orson Welles was an effortlessly stylish man in his days, and he defined style as a part of your personality.

Not all men are fond of dressing up, but the men who are, they can play dress up quite well. When we think of stylish men, we can instantly picture David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds, Justin Timberlake, and many more. What makes them set apart from others is their sense of style and the confidence to carry anything and everything. You should always keep your dressing style according to the vibe of the place. You cannot wear a suit to the party, and you cannot wear flip-flops to the office. You have to maintain the minimalism and yet be the stylish one of the lot. 

But if you are someone who is struggling to come up with your sense of style, then this is the article for you. These tips will help you identify your taste and style.

1. Experiment.

Be open to experimentation with yourself. Try neutrals, poppy, stripes, color blocking, or anything that entices you, and identify what goes with your personality. 

2. Be well-groomed.

A well-groomed man is always attractive. Identify the haircut and beard shape that goes well with your face and don it properly. No one is fond of a shabby look, it can make you look out of the place.

3. Fit matters.

We know that oversized clothing is in trend right now, but it looks good only with casual attire. With formal clothing, go for clothing that is well-fitted and makes you look sharp.

4. Accessorize well.

Who said that men cannot accessorize? And much more than a wristwatch, wallet, tie, and belt. Deepening on the weather and where you live, you can add scarves and hats to your wardrobe. 

5. Choose your shoes wisely.

Black, brown, beige, white – every pair of shoes has a set of clothing made for it. Do not mix and match. Wear proper formal shoes with your suit, and wear sneakers for a casual brunch and not meetings. 

6. Always smell good.

One thing that attracts the most attention is a good smell. There is a plethora of fragrances for men in the market today, that will suit your taste. No one likes body odor. Carry a mini-sized bottle of fragrance in your bag for emergencies. 

7. Be open-minded and confident!

No matter what you wear, if you are confident enough to carry it, you will rock it. Even after you have developed your style, do not stop experimenting. It will always result in something good for your style. 


A well-dressed man can be quite the head-turner. By following these simple tips and tricks, anyone can identify their sense of style. Other than these, one should always invest in good quality products- be it clothing, cosmetics, shoes, or anything. A piece from your wardrobe that lasts a long time is bound to become your favorite. 

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