Real estate buying guide: everything you need to check before you pay for the flat

If you want a sustainable investment plan and do not want to involve yourself in risky businesses, then going for real estate is a perfect choice. Everyday urbanization is taking another step forward, and people are prioritizing more comfortable living styles. So, if you own a flat in the Clavon Clementi or such condominiums, then you do not have to depend on a job for your bills. You can easily earn more than enough from the rents and then proceed for the business to invest for more profit.

Things to check

You can earn a lot and for years from a real estate property. But, the risk factors are not very minimal in this sector too. You have to be very careful before sealing the deal with the seller. If you are new to this sector, let us walk you through a checklist to find essential points to check before buying a real estate property.

Buy from the legal owner.

If you are about to buy a flat or house, the first choice should be buying from the original owner. It will ensure that the property has no dispute claims in court and the papers are original. Sometimes n, it is not possible to confirm if the owner is not present at that moment, and you have to deal with the caretaker or the trustee board members.

Then you can ask for legal court orders that will state that there is no dispute claims currently on the property. Also, you can check the utility bills of the past few years to ensure that the owners are not leaving you with unpaid taxes or utility burdens.

How to solve the issue?

There are not many solutions to this problem, except for avoiding it altogether. Nowadays, many professional condominiums and flat services like the dairy farm residences are providing high-quality services. The property has proper papers and insurance coverage too.

Original papers

If you are new to the property business, people may want to tell you that original papers are not necessary for a successful deal. Facts confirm it. You do not always need the original documents of your new residence to seal the deal. But, it is better to have the original papers in your possession to prevent any future cases of fraud, scam, or such mishaps. It is why most traditional property dealers and experts in the industry promote dealing with the owner personally.


Before you buy a property, you need to research the position, market demand, and nearby facilities. If you want a long-term investment and want to develop the property slowly, it is better to look for a downtown position. It will cost you less than a place in the center of the town. Usually, in a few years, the price will be double or triple the original price.


You should also pay heed to the newest trends and varieties in the market. Nowadays, new condominiums and such residences are getting very popular in Singapore. If you want to enter the business here, it is better to start investing in this sector rather than studio apartments or bungalows.

But, if you want to invest in New York City, it is better to go for the studio apartments as most people here cannot afford or do not want ample space to live. So, understanding the current trend of the real estate business and analyzing the upcoming demands are very important if you stay in business in the long run. Otherwise, it will be very tough to survive.

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