Rigid Boxes: A Guide To Designing Custom Packaging For Your Company

There is no need to be afraid of creating packaging. It’s now easier than ever to create bespoke rigid boxes that look great and don’t break the money. However, as a designer, you are aware that there is still a significant amount of effort involved in the process. The ideal packaging incorporates more than simply a logo and company colors. It communicates a tale and develops a brand’s overall style.

Through your work as a designer, you convey a brand’s message. 2D design talents may be transferred to 3D goods, such as product packaging. Even though these abilities overlap, you must be aware of the technological complexities involved in 3D packaging design.

What to consider when creating custom packaging

So you’d want to create your custom rigid boxes? As you’ll soon find, there are a lot of options and factors to consider beyond simply picking whether your product comes in a box. It may appear intimidating, but the first step is to decide on the sort of packaging you will use.

Consider the following while selecting your packaging:

  • Cost
  • Functionality
  • Presentation worth
  • Size of the product

Note that just because one choice is less expensive does not imply that it will create the greatest presentation for your goods. Your best chance is to strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and overall appearance.

Get your artwork ready

You’ll be utilizing a 3D rigid box packaging designer or laying out your artwork on a die-line template to create your design. If you don’t have pricey design tools or know-how to utilize them, 3D box designers are ideal. You have complete control over the layout, fonts, colors, and alignment using die-line templates.

It is critical to adhere to industry-standard font, text, and line art guidelines. While your artwork may appear good on-screen, failing to follow these guidelines may result in your design not printing properly.

Verify your artwork to check that there are no cut or crop lines, that any transparencies have been leveled, that fonts have been outlined (saved as vectors or shapes), and that all visual components from other files have been embedded rather than linked.


Physical packaging design does need some “thinking beyond the box.” Remember that developing bespoke packaging entails more than just determining what will be put on your packaging. With your brand’s messaging, you’re telling a narrative and communicating it through a physical product. Materials, forms, and finishes will all offer a unique touch to your finished creation.

To assist you to grasp everything involved in the process, we’ve explored the foundations of creating bespoke packaging. Here’s a quick rundown of the important stages to remember:

  1. Select a box style
  2. Different types of packing
  3. Select the appropriate material
  4. Outline of the usual manufacturing method
  5. Get your artwork ready.
  6. Tooling and Prepress
  7. Various printing methods
  8. Complete your package

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Custom Boxez is delighted to assist and guide you through the process so that your design is flawless every time.

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