Risks associated with your privacy and online security while playing video games

One of the best reasons to play online games is that we stay connected with people and friends from around the world and can explore different areas and develop taste for certain genres. We play games on our mobile devices, on consoles, and whatnot but the seemingly indiscreet thing about online games is that these pose some serious threat to your online privacy and security. Online games pose some serious threat when it comes to stealing your personal data, installing different malware onto the devices you play games on, or worse yet identity thefts where a hacker assumes your identity to make purchases and whatnot.   

Online gaming is not meant to be unsafe but there are a few risks that you need to understand better so these don’t end up affecting you in any way;


This is a type of scamming technique in which the authenticity of your emails gets compromised, hackers will generate certain emails that will look all genuine and promising but in truth contains harmful malware that will get installed into your system through the links provided there. If you end up with such an email and there are a bunch of links then don’t click any of them because if you do then you are welcoming the malware to get installed on your system and it will end up compromising your identity and encapsulating your personal information and sending it back to the source.

Viruses and malware

Installing the software or tools from the non-trusted parties and stores will end up installing a bunch of different viruses and malware in your system. You might be thinking that isn’t it what anti-virus and anti-malware systems are for? Well, yes but if these are outdated or worse yet your system doesn’t have any then the virus or malware will not have any hard time getting installed in your system and affecting its security in every possible way. This way the account information and the financial information become readily available to the hackers and they can do whatever they want with it. 

Identity theft

Identity theft corresponds to the phenomenon where someone assumes the identity of a dedicated person which means that they will be able to study you inside out and become able to share information that either is the same or close to what you would have provided. In many online and multiple games, there is a chat option where you can chat with other players. 

Only share the less personal stuff there and refrain from providing any information about who you are or any other financial information at all because this becomes the ultimate reason why people get hacked and their identities are assumed by other people. When you are going to find about the fact that your online identity got compromised it would be very late for that by that period. These are some of the online threats that you can face pertaining to your security and privacy online and why it is better to be more discreet about sharing information about you on the internet or in an online gaming session. 

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