Soccer Cup Tournaments 

Apart from the championships, every country has its cup. Most countries have one cup, but there are such countries as England were there are two cups. Making wagers on cup matches is considered riskier compared to the other tournaments. However, some bettors still choose cup matches for their wagers. 

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Cup matches motivation 

Well, the most crucial difference here lies in motivation of the teams that are taking part in the cup tournaments. Even a slightly experienced sports analyst understands that the teams are differently motivated for cup, championship and other games as some of them are most important, some are less, so teams may not focus on national cups, which can be quite tricky for bettors.

Betting on Soccer Cup Tournaments with Bet22

Bet22 offers different types of bets on Soccer Cup Tournaments. We will speak about the most popular of them now:

  • Early rounds betting
  • Final rounds betting 
  • Team to qualify for the next round betting 

Also, on the Bet22 website, you will find interesting offers for bettors, pleasant bonuses, statistics that are important for the analysis of matches, and much more.

Early rounds betting

Most soccer fans mostly focus on the top teams and top leagues, but in national cups there are many underdog teams taking part in the early rounds. Bettors may have lack of knowledge about these teams. So, if you’re an average bettor and you’re not interested in second league teams, then better don’t take risks and choose some matches that you are confident in. 

Final rounds betting 

The closer to the end of the cup tournament, the more secondary factors begin to influence the results. Teams from different leagues can meet here. You need to look not only at the previous games and the strength of the opponents. It is important to analyze the schedule for future games, to try to put yourself in the shoes of the coach to get an idea of priorities. An important marker for deciding whether to bet or not should be team lineups

Team to qualify for the next round betting 

It is sometimes too risky to make a wager on the victory of the favorite because there can be overtimes of penalty shootouts in the cup matches. That is why bookmakers offer you quite an interesting wager: you can choose which team will qualify for the next round of the national cup. If you are confident in the ultimate success of one of the clubs, then it is better to take this outcome. You can also choose a zero handicap but the odds are not so high there and it implies a return in case of a draw in normal time.

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