Steps To Convert Mp4 To Mp3

How To Convert Mp4 To Mp3

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to listen to their favorite music while doing their homework, working, or just doing some random stuff around the house. I am sure you are one of those people and at one time or another, you have searched online how to convert mp4 to mp3 because that song that plays on repeat is in mp4 format. A video can surely be a distraction when you need to concentrate on some important tasks. Having your favorite music extracted from videos makes it easy for storage and future listening. You can also later attach the music to your own videos, of course for personal use only.

Why people convert mp4 videos to mp3?

Everyone has his reason but one of the most common is to have that part of the clip in mp3 to use ringtone on their phone. Some like to convert mp4 to mp3 converter ( so they can compile all the songs that they like into one big massive mp3 file containing all their favorite songs.

Of course, it may mot be necessary that you convert your video clips into audio but it can be a good hassle when you have put together all your favorite music together to go on your Mp3 player or iPod and you have that one music video that is not in the right format… I know the feeling.

You probably want to use some music in your video clips too but be sure to keep them for personal use only. These days you may not be able to use some music for commercial use due to copyright infringement.

Having your own sound FX library

Some good samaritan video editors out there may have already put together SFX files for you to use. But, in case you are a beginner video editor, you know how important having the right SFX can be. Creating your own SFX library is a good way to get started. Extracting that particular sound FX from an Mp4 video that you know will be just perfect for your video project can save you a lot of time. The precious minutes spent creating the SFX will be better spent on bigger tasks.

Short videos for social media

There are millions of videos that go online on a daily basis and most of the video clips have some music in them. With almost half of the population using social media platforms to share their videos, having that catchy music in a video will surely guarantee more hits and shares.

Tools to convert Mp4 to Mp3 online

Yoo can get a number of tools available online to convert Mp4 videos to music files. We have tried and tested most and compared the quality of the final Mp3 files. To spare you the disappointment of spending your time using a random tool only to have a music file that sounds horrible, we are sharing below the best tools that you can use to convert your Mp4 files to audio-only.

Most video-to-audio conversion tools allow for files to be converted online, quickly and easily while also being free. Below are some of the best multipurpose video converters you can use online:


Evano is one of the best video-to-audio conversion tools out there. It is easy to use and the interface is pretty self-explanatory. The tool has been used worldwide and has only positive reviews. The friendly interface is what makes this tool stand out even to the lambda user.

File conversions are rapid, only in three steps. The tool is free of charge and it can be used without having to create an account. If your files are more than 100MB, you will be required to register but the 100MB threshold is largely enough for us who has only short music videos to convert.

We will guide you through the steps below. You shouldn’t encounter any issues with the Evano tool. In case the settings are a bit too technical for you, you can just leave everything on auto as this will ensure your file is converted with the optimum settings.

Step 1: Upload your video

Upload your Mp4 video to the online converter as shown.

Step 2: Audio settings

Change the settings as required (you may want to leave these on default if you are not comfortable with terms such as VBR, frequency, etc)

Step 3: Download your Mp3

We told you it takes only 3 steps. You can now enjoy your music file and put it on repeat as much as you like without having to watch the video.

Ontiva and

These 2 Mp4 to Mp3 converters serve more or less the same purpose. Both allow converting Youtube videos to various formats. If you already have the link to the youtube video you wish to convert, just paste it in there or you can search directly on either tool.

Selecting the part that you wish to convert to audio is easy using the slider range or you can manually insert the from and to timestamp.

Ontiva has a fun tutorial to create your favorite. You can use this to either create short audio files, videos, and even gifs that you can use as a meme on whatever social media platforms you are on. on the other hand has a tutorial for creating ringtones. This should come in handy if you want to only have that catchy part of a song as your ringtone.

As you can see, converting Mp4 video files to audio is not a complicated feat. It can even be a fun and relaxing activity when you have nothing to do. Video-to-audio conversion tools should be a must-have for music lovers, especially those who need a quick tool to do the job online. Mp3 audio files are the best compressed audio format that you can use without a loss in quality but you can try out other formats depending on your needs. Happy video to audio conversion!

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