The Right Crystal Vase Will Reflect Light and Illuminate Your Home

Imagine walking into your home, and the sunlight is pouring through your living room window. It hits your crystal vase, centered on your coffee table filled with tulips from your garden. The light bounces off each cut of the brilliantly designed crystal vase and illuminates your entire room.

The right crystal vase will reflect light and illuminate your home. It is a decor item that can stand on its own or be filled with a beautiful floral arrangement, providing a luxurious and elegant feel to the room. That is if you choose the right one.

A poorly made or low-quality vase won’t have the same illuminating effect. Imagine putting a basic juice glass or mason jar on your coffee table – it does not have the same illuminating effect! Simple glassware won’t reflect the light nor glisten, and it definitely won’t illuminate your home.

You need a high-quality crystal for serious sparkle, and there is no better crystal vase than one made of Waterford Crystal. Waterford Crystal vases are luxurious, with hand-finished designs.

ShopHQ.com is the go-to spot for finding the latest designs in Waterford Crystal vases. From their website, you can look through all the different designs and striking patterns to find the perfect vase for your home. Further, you can trust that it is an authentic, high-quality Waterford Crystal piece, and they even have exclusive pieces that are only available on their website. To illuminate your home, consider adding one of the following crystal vases to your home.

Waterford Crystal Love Hearts 6” Hand-Finished Vase

You don’t need a towering vase to illuminate your home. This vase stands at just 6 inches tall and provides a lot of shine and sparkle due to its intricate design. It is a broader vase, with a nearly 5 inch base making it the perfect vase for summer blooms and more expansive arrangements like lush hydrangeas. It has a unique body shape with a slimmer neck extending down to the larger base. There is an abundance of expertly placed cuts along the bottom and top that will catch the light and have a gorgeous illuminating effect in your home.

Waterford Crystal 7” Cachepot Vase

The shape and cut of this cachepot vase is incredibly unique. It is much wider, with a larger opening that will beautifully display your flowers. Whether it sits empty on a shelf or as a centerpiece full of flowers, the patterned cuts allow the light to refract, illuminating your home. This is an eye-catching piece that stands 7 inches tall and 6.8 inches wide. This unique shape and design make it that much more special. Designed in Ireland and made in Europe, this may be the right vase for your home!

Waterford Crystal Welcome 7” Vase

The Waterford Welcome vase has a more traditional silhouette making it a year-round favorite to be filled with seasonal arrangements or left to reflect the light on a shelf. If you want to upgrade the look of a room with more elegance and luxury, this vase is perfect. It is part of the Waterford collection and was made in Slovenia of 100% crystal. This beautiful vase is just over 7 inches tall and around 5 inches wide. The entire base is adorned with a beautiful pattern of cuts that allow the light to refract and will illuminate any room of your house.

Waterford Crystal 12” Chelsea Vase

For a unique pattern and a pretty twist on the traditional vase shape, the Chelsea vase is just as unique as it is beautiful. The ever-changing cut patterns will catch and reflect the light to brighten your entire room. This eye-catching piece is impressive and will likely be the focal point of the space it is in, whether it be on top of a table or greeting guests in your foyer. The Chelsea vase stands an impressive 12 inches tall (the tallest on this list) and is just over 7 inches wide, allowing you to fill it with long stem roses or freshly cut florals from your garden. This is a new and exclusive design that will be a conversation piece at your next dinner party.

Whether you are looking for a lot of sparkle or subtle brilliance, the right crystal vase will reflect light and illuminate your home. The designs of Waterford crystal vases are all unique and picking the right one for your home is a personal experience. That said, the extensive selection of high-quality, authentic Waterford crystal vases on ShopHQ will provide you with plenty of options to choose from, ensuring you will find the perfect piece for your space.

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