The ultimate beginner’s guide to choosing a casket: What you MUST know

Are you the person in charge of funeral planning for a loved one? Did your friend suddenly die and you and others are trying to piece together the perfect funeral to honor their memory? Maybe your mother was sick for a very long time and you have been planning for many years now – whatever the case, putting the right elements together for this final occasion is the last way you can really honor your loved one.

Even if you and your loved one didn’t get a chancet talk about what they would like in a funeral, you can get a good idea of what to choose based on their personality, their traditional choices, or their unique decisions. If they have been a traditionalist all of their life, then the best way that you can honor their wish is with a traditional funeral.

Before you can choose the best casket for your old one, you need to know a few things before selecting the final option. How can you make the best choice of casket? How can you rest assured that this casket is high quality and will match the funeral decor and vibe? Let’s see a few things to keep in mind before choosing the final casket option. You could also visit site to learn more.

Differences between casket vs. coffin

Burying your loved one in a casket is the most traditional way that you can respect their decisions – although coffins have risen in popularity in recent years, caskets are the most common burial item that you can use for a funeral viewing and to put your loved one to rest for the final time.

The first thing that you must know is the main differences between a casket and coffin – although they look somewhat similar and serve similar purposes, they are very different. A coffin has either 6 or 8 sides, wherehas the coffin usually just has a rectangular shape. The coffin has a more unique shape that tapers at the end, whereas a casket is a rectangular shape that has the same dimensions on all sides.

Types of casket to choose

The next thing to consider is the different types of caskets to choose from. The main types of caskets differ based on their materials, with the most common items being either metal or wooden caskets.

  • Metal casket – The metal casket might be a good choice for those who want the less expensive option for the funeral. If you are having a hard time getting funds together for the funeral, then using a bronze, copper, or steel casket can help you save money and still provide high-quality options for your loved one.
  • Wooden casket – The most common type of casket that you can use for a funeral is a wooden casket. They are typically made out of walnut, mahogany or oak, although you can choose other types of wood to provide a more unique look, like pine.
  • Cremation casket – Another type of casket that you can use for a funeral is a cremation casket. This is the “holding chamber” that you will use for your loved one before you place the body into the cremation The cremations chamber is where the loved one will turn to ashes and you can then keep the ashes in an urn.


Debating between using a casket or coffin for a funeral? A casket is the best burial option for your loved one. It’s expensive, traditional, and can be made from many different materials.

Putting together a funeral is hard, but choosing a casket as your burial choice takes one more thing off your list while still allowing you to stay on budget.

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