Things for kids to do in Park City

Park City, is a tourist destination located 30 minutes from Salt Lake in Utah, United States, it is considered one of the best ski destinations in the world, however, what happens when it is summer, and the snow disappears? The answer is simple: music festivals, extreme sports and enjoying the best spirits in the world. There are lots of fun things for families to do in Park City.

Visiting the USA for the first time

International travellers visiting the USA don’t need a visa under certain conditions, all they need is ESTA. One of the most asked esta questions is the one about the refusal. In fact, doing everything right does not in itself guarantee obtaining the authorization and you can still receive a negative response by e-mail.

First, unfortunately, no information will be available on the reasons for refusal by the US authorities in charge of following the file. The message received simply states that the application has been rejected. It is therefore the traveller himself who must reflect on what could have motivated the refusal and react accordingly. Depending on the reasons for the refusal you might still be able to make your trip to the USA anyway.

If you feel that you have simply made a mistake when completing the application form, there is an opportunity to fill it again a second time. However, an interval of 10 days must elapse from the date of the refusal before filling in a new online form. If the refusal was actually due to a simple mistake, there is a very good chance that the new application will finally be accepted and that you can go to the United States with your ESTA.

In other cases, the refusal to grant ESTA authorization depends on other causes. It may be an incompatibility of the application with the conditions of access to this simplified device, as mentioned above, or a personal, judicial, or professional situation that does not meet the admission criteria on US soil. In this case, to complete your travel project in the USA, you can still try to submit an application for a classic visa. Indeed, the fact that your ESTA has been refused does not mean that you can’t obtain a visa. The best thing is therefore to try to apply for it by taking action as quickly as possible since it is a longer procedure.

Note: Do a quick esta status check before your date of departure.

Park City family activities

Park City is a charming city of the United States in the mountains of Utah and is part of the counties of Summit and Wasatch. The best time to visit is winter, as most of its attractions can be exploited to the fullest at that time; in addition, the famous Sundance Film Festival takes place in January. The accommodations are not very cheap, however, near the resorts you can save money by renting studios or apartment rooms, even for a short stay.

  • Learn Golf from the greats of the sport: A weekend where sports and beautiful landscapes are combined, it is the perfect plan to enjoy and rest during the summer. Canyons Golf offers visitors a golf course with a spectacular view and unique topography, ideal for taking private lessons with a professional from the Professional Golf Association (PGA), an experience that amateurs will surely love.
  • Enjoy this summer to the extreme: There is nothing more exciting than trying an extreme sport in summer. Web River Rafting is one of the best sailing experiences and has half or full-day tours. These activities have experienced guides and even give the visitor the opportunity to participate as a paddler on the tour.
  • Glide through Park City: The little ones will be able to enjoy a one-of-a-kind tour through a slide that is more than 900 meters long. For families looking for places to spend time with children of all ages, Park City Mountain Resort has four tours with different twists and turns, in which fun and excitement are never lacking. Children under 7 years old need to be accompanied. This is one of the best Park City Utah kids’ activities.
  • Music and evening chill: One of the best park city indoor activities is music festivals. The summer weather of Park City welcomes hundreds of people at the Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater that will host musicians such as Michael Franti & Spearhead, Ziggy Marley, Jenny Lewis, among others. This event has become one of the most anticipated milestones of the year for Park City residents and visitors. 
  • Park city wildlife: For the more adventurous, park city wildlife adventure is the ideal excursion. The guide takes the participants to the National Forest, where there is fun with snowshoes and walks among the most particular paths; if you are lucky, you may also encounter various wild animals.
  • Utah Olympic Park: The Utah Olympic Park is one of the major attractions of the city, as it was built in 2002 to host some competitions of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.
  • For $ 10 you can access a guided tour of the complex and are taken to the slopes where the Olympics took place: you can also play with a fun ski jump simulator.
  • Sundance Film Festival: If you decide to visit Park City in January, don’t miss the Sundance Film Festival at the Mary G. Steiner Egyptian Theater. This is a major festival dedicated to independent cinema that first took place in 1978, in Salt Lake City. Today everyone can participate, just get organized well in advance.
  • Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway: For a scenic walk, Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway is the ideal place: it is probably the only attraction to visit without snow, to enjoy the splendid view of the valley with all its colours. It is preferable to have a car for this long outing, but you can also take a walk and maybe take some photos of the landscapes you encounter.

These are just some of the many activities that you can do, however, if you like cycling, hiking or want an afternoon of shopping, Park City is the ideal destination, for passionate travellers or for families looking to spend a weekend week out of the routine. 

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