Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Safe When Traveling

It’s best to leave your valuables at home when traveling, including jewelry. Keep them in a safe or secured place to ensure that you will still have them when you get back home from travel. However, there might be jewelry pieces that you want to bring to your trip, like your marquise diamond engagement ring and other jewelry that you would need to complete your travel outfits. If you decide to bring them with you, there are things that you can do to keep them safe.

Make a list of the jewelry and take photos

You can easily get caught with all the happenings in your travel that you may forget which pieces you brought. Keep track of what you have by creating a list before you leave for the trip. Take a photo or video of them too, so you don’t have to think which ones they are. You can also use these photos for searching items, in case they get lost.

Put them in a jewelry case

Use a hard jewelry case, so it doesn’t easily break. However, ensure that it has a cushion inside to prevent scratches on the pieces. Also, find one with separate containers so that you can secure them properly. It will also be easier to get them that way. Plus, it will prevent them from getting tangled. It isn’t easy to untangle jewelry like bracelets and necklaces since doing this carelessly and impatiently could cause them to break.

Do not leave your things unattended

It’s a no-brainer, but you will be surprised at how many travelers tend to leave their things and end up losing them. Be sure to keep your valuables with you, especially if you have jewelry. If you need to go somewhere without your things, be sure to leave them safely at the hotel. Choose one that has safety vaults in their rooms so that you can secure your jewelry or one that has a hotel vault so that you can leave your pieces there.

Include them in your carry-on luggage

Since you will be bringing your carry-on luggage with you when you board an airplane or a train, your jewelry will be safer. Checked baggage will be out of your sight, so there is a chance of losing them. Do not take the chances and keep them near you.

Get an insurance

If your expensive jewelry pieces are not yet insured, and you decide to bring them with you on your travel, get them insured before your trip. The right insurance will cover your precious jewelry from damage, theft, and loss. While you don’t want these things to happen, there is a possibility that they can. You will have peace of mind that you will be covered in case they happen. Also, insurance companies often require clients to let them know if going on a travel, so be sure to notify them about your trip.

Do not wear expensive pieces in crowded places

There is a higher risk of losing your jewelry in crowded places. You could be a target of theft if you wear and expose your expensive pieces in these places. Opt for fashion jewelry that is inexpensive, or do not wear any at all for your safety. You may wear your luxurious pieces in safer areas, but be sure not to put your guard down.

Enjoy wearing your jewelry while traveling, but be extra careful and take precautionary measures to keep them safe.

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