Top Lottery Games Launched in Haiti

After a long wait, Haitians now have something to smile about. The much-awaited national lottery is now open to the public. Millions of Haitians will now get an equal chance to play the lottery and win millions of cash prizes.
The launch of the Haitian lottery brings to an end a long series of wait for Haitians who have been longing for their national lottery online.

About the Haitian Lottery at

This is a uniquely tailored national lottery for the people of Haiti. The national lottery encompasses several games that will be put on offer, making it one of the most exciting gaming experiences in the country. Players will be able to play various international lottery games and win huge cash prizes.

What are the lottery games available at

Here is a brief look into the exciting lottery games that Haitians will have a chance to play.

GG World Million: This is an exciting international lottery game that allows players to win one of the thirteen prize tiers. In other words, players’ chances of winning are increased because there are different cash prizes. There is also an exciting jackpot prize that a player can win when playing GG World Million. The minimum jackpot prize is HTG 92,000,000.

GG World Keno: In this game, players pick up to ten numbers from a pool of 1-70. The winnings are dependent on the number of correct lucky numbers and the stake. The maximum prize is HTG 25,000,000.

With these two top games, Haitians are up for a treat like no other in the gaming industry.

What are the basic rules?

The lottery games will be guided by many rules, which will ensure the safety of players and the fairness of the games.

Age limit

The first important rule is that only players above the legal age can play the lottery. Therefore, children below the age of eighteen (18) cannot play the Haitian lottery.

Number of entries

When playing GG World Keno, players can pick 1-10 numbers within a range of 1-70. Players have a maximum of 10 lines per ticket. This means that players can increase their stakes in a single ticket.

Picking numbers

There are two ways a player can pick their lucky numbers i.e. using the automated quick-pick tool or manually selecting the numbers. Since it is a game of luck, both ways of picking numbers have equal chances of winning.


The most exciting rule about GG World Keno is that draws take place every 4 minutes. In each draw, 20 numbers are drawn. This makes it very easy for consistent players to keep on playing and increase their chances of winning.


The Haitian lottery isn’t complicated; if the numbers that are drawn match what you chose, you win. The amount that you win will depend on the exact number of correct predictions after the draw.

How to get started?

The excitement of the Haitian lottery is real and many people would want to get started immediately. You just have to sign up to confirm your legal age and start playing immediately. You can check now if you want to register and start playing the Haitian lottery. Don’t wait until you start hearing people’s success stories, be part of history today!

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