Top Telugu Movies of 2021 Top Views and Break Up Songs – You Can Download These Songs

Above the glove, many people like to watch sad songs and like to download heart-touching songs. For this purpose, I will attach some famous heart-touching songs to download these songs. Besides, these songs remind you that once you love a person and did not still forget.

So I update some of the most-watched Telugu heartfelt songs. After all, you can visit naa songs site to download the most-watched Telugu heart-touching songs.

Ee Premak

Ee Premak is the most famous song to the listener for its outstanding scene and also became a more popular song to the Indian people. This song sang by the most talented singer name Karthik, Chitra. Karthik and Chitra, one of the most playback singers in Telugu music, also gained national awards.

Interestingly, this song viewed more than 135 million. Ee Premak has directed name Devi Sri Prasad, the most talented singer and music director in Telugu music. Besides, this song comes with the most emotional scene for which Ee Premak’s song became more acceptable to the listener’s minds.

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Yellipoke Shyamala

Yellipoke Shyamala song became more famous for its heart-touching and mind-blowing scene. I think you should download this song to get a more heart-touching song. Yellipoke Shyamala song sang by the most brilliant singer Karthik who gained many times the national awards. Besides this song directed by Mickey J Meyer.

Interestingly, this song viewed nearly 13 million—Yellipoke Shyamala songs covered with the most romantic and heart-touching drama. I think you should download this telugu songs.


There are many heart-touching songs in Telugu music, but the Selavanuko song is one of the most famous songs to the Telugu people. This heart-touching song viewed nearly 27 million on YouTube and also gained the most popularity to the listeners’ minds.

This heartfelt song was absorbed by Puri Jagannadh and also produced by Puri Jagannadh. I think the Selavanuko song is the best for you to download and enjoy the heart-touching scene. This heart-touching song took from the most-watched movie, Heart Attack.

Provide Prema

Provide Prema song also able to impress the listener’s mind because it comes with the saddest scene and delivers to the audience full of sorrows. If anyone gets hit by the lover, man, Povodhe Prema song helps him reduce pain.

Provide Prema song is such an old song, but it has come with the whole emotional scene. This song gained the most viewed at this time for its heart-touching and emotional scene. I think you should download this song so that you can enjoy the heartfelt scene. This song is so interesting to the listener.


Nowadays, Telugu songs are becoming more and more popular because of supplying heart touching and emotional scene. I suggest you download the Telugu sad songs because these songs come with them emotionally to download the Telugu songs. Finally, I notify you that you should download Telugu songs to get more heart-touching and expressive songs.
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