Understanding the basics of tantric massage and how to practice at home

Life is all about exploring new opportunities and learning from the same. It is time you stopped being a slave scripts and mentalities during sex. There is more to it that you can experience aside from the foreplay involved and the penetration act. Nowadays, professional masseuses have learnt the art of sexual seduction and healing from sensual and tantric massage which are fast gaining popularity in the modern day society. Unlearning what you know about sex and letting your masseuse guide you through various stages of self-awareness is what you need to rediscover what sexual healing and pleasure is all about. Before assessing the numerous ways through which one can benefit from sensual and secret tantric massage session, learn the various tantric massage hacks that are used by masseuses today.

Tantric massage process at home

For couples that choose to replicate this process at home, there are a lot of things you need to get right and that takes some patience to learn from your masseuse. What you seek is sacred connection between you and your partner while chasing intentional pleasure. During tantric massage sessions at home, the recipient of the services should be pleasured without having the need to reciprocate the services offered. It is also ideal for the giver of the massage to be selfless and not expect anything in return. Your partner should be able to read your body language and go with your flow to make it even more seductive and erotic. Good hygiene for both parties involved is necessary as it helps limit the barriers to having a fulfilling time with your partner. These here are some of the types of massages that are covered by tantric massage sessions today.

Lingam massage

You should understand that lingam massage is a session for men to enjoy their penis being pleasured. If being practiced at home, you need to get every detail right for the best results. Start by preparing the massage table and have your partner lie down on their backs with legs spread apart. Try and connect with them through escalated and normal breathing throughout the section to feel as one. You need a quality lubricant to start massaging the thighs, pubic pone and also the perineum section. This is of course before you get to the main body part, his penis. Massage their testicles and switch your grip strength to control their ejaculation. If your partner can practice edging the better it is for them as they learn to be in control of their ejaculation. Use one hand and at times both when massaging and stroking his penis but do not let them attain climax first. For men who are comfortable with it, you can go ahead to stimulate their sacred spot known as prostate area to heighten their experience to ejaculation.

Yoni massage

For many people who do not know what yoni massage is, it is all about pleasuring and massaging the vulva and vaginal areas. You should let your female partner lie on their backs on the massage table with a pillow placed below their hips. You also need to elevate the knee position so place more pillows at their feet and beneath the knees. You can warm up for the session by starting with a breast  and general massage to stimulate arousal and the moment you feel her body beginning to beg for you can find your way down the genitals for a yoni massage. Aside from massaging the vulva, you must pay special attention to the pleasure points like the clitoris which should be lightly tugged, rolled and even pinched to stimulate excitement and also achieve orgasms for your partner. Remember the goal is not to have sex but give your partner the time of her life. If your partner knows the details of edging, they can achieve multiple orgasms without any problems.

Tantric breast massage

This is also called the nipple massage therapy which shines light on pleasing the breast. Aside from setting the environment right, breast massage needs you to have quality oil preferably with a nice fragrance depending on the choice of the recipient. Heat the oil and drip it on the chest of your partner between their breasts and the belly area. Since the breast area is the target, it is important to do some teasing before getting to the main task of the day. Start by rubbing the region around the belly to stimulate arousal as you find your way up to the breasts progressively and teasingly. With a feathery touch, circulate your palms and fingers around the breast area as you massage and squeeze gently at the same time. To heighten the pleasure, you should move towards the nipple section which should be hard by now, pinch and trace the nipples as you roll your hand around them to give them complete arousal before you move to other ways of achieving climax for them like neck and inner thighs massage.

Bonus massage tips

What most people fail to realize is that tantric massage sessions is not just about the skills that a masseuse has but also the mindset of both parties involved. There are different ways to add fun to your tantric massage session at home for instance learning the full body orgasms hacks, elements of tantric masturbation to achieve your climax and also learning semen retention hacks which are very ideal to mastering your sex control and drive especially when involved in the act with your partner. If your spouse can help you celebrate your body sacredness while not forgetting the shared pleasure expression then you may be ready for a sensual massage session at home.


No one become a profession a tantric massage expert from watching videos online, you need through training but the best way to learn is booking your sessions with tantric massage experts in your region who can take you through the different steps involved to unlock your prowess and also ensure that you give your partner or clients the times of their lives.

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