The marijuana industry has really evolved over the years and given rise to various ways of using cannabis. The reducing stigma around the use of marijuana and the increasing technological advances have improved the quality and safety of marijuana products. Technology has given rise to the vape pen trend and e-rigs that are popular because of their convenience and safety.

With dabbing, you use a dab rig, while with vaping, you use a vape pen. If you are wondering which cannabis consumption method is suitable for you between vaping and dabbing, here is a definitive comparison between them.

Convention vs. conduction

One of the notable differences between dabbing and vaping is their use of heat. The traditional dab rig utilizes conduction heating, while the vape pen uses convective heating.

Convective heat involves the use of hot air to vaporize cannabis oil or flower. The vape pen features ceramic coils, so there is no direct contact between the product and heat. That prevents carbonization or combustion that could release harmful chemicals like benzene.

On the other hand, conduction applies the heat directly to the cannabis concentrate to provide an efficient way to heat it. The method produces a higher potency and a full flavor with a clean burn as long as you use the best dabbing vaporizers.


The devices or tools used for vaping or dabbing make the obvious difference between them. Both methods involve vaporizing cannabis concentrates but using different vaporizers and accessories.  Vape pens are currently the most popular due to their convenience and portability. They are small, offering a discreet vaping experience.

Technology also has advanced dabbing giving rise to e-rigs that provide a more convenient option than the traditional dab rig. The modern electronic dab rig is a modern device that is stylish, safer, and portable, much more similar to vape pens. It features a temperature regulation control allowing you to dab efficiently. The stigma surrounding dabbing is disappearing with the introduction of stylish vape kits for sale.


Although vaping and dabbing are both receiving worldwide popularity in cannabis, the two methods of consuming cannabis produce different effects. Dabbing delivers a high potency than vaping, making it suitable for those who want an instant and effective high. But the intense high may not be for everyone and can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t consume cannabis regularly.

Dabbing is also easier on the lungs, therefore suitable for those with sensitive lungs, and only a small portion of dabs is required for a maximum effect. On the other hand, the lower intensity of vaping makes it an ideal option if you only use cannabis from time to time.

Temperature and substance

A vape pen uses cannabis oil or flower, while a dab rig uses cannabis concentrates. Concentrate or wax is thicker, so it requires a high operating temperature to vaporize it; therefore, you need the best dab pen battery or torch. A vape pen uses a lower temperature of between 315 and 365 degrees Fahrenheit, while a dab pen uses 315 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

The conclusion

Vaping and dabbing both have their pros and cons. A dab pen delivers higher potency and intensity, while a vape pen is moderate and controllable, but you can use any method depending on your specific intent at the moment.

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