What are the best outfits to wear with women’s denim pants and jackets?

Are you looking for a good casual and nighttime outfit that is comfortable, easy to wear, and stylish for any time of year? We have the perfect solution for you! There are a few timeless classics that can be layered on top of various outfits that work for all months out of the year. With classic style, you can buy a few items and don’t have to worry about them going out of style a few years down the line.

Instead, enjoy the benefits of this time-tested and popular style as you get older. Let’s see one of the best trends that have stayed stylish throughout the past few decades and how you can wear it!

Denim is a classic style – try these women’s denim outfit ideas!

Denim is one of the best styles you can have in recent years. Although the 90s outfits seemed to have disappeared during the early 2000s, the 90s style has come back in full force with high-waisted denim pants, high-waisted women’s denim shorts, denim jackets, and denim accessories.

You can easily come up with any type of denim outfit that works well for a variety of occasions. Pairing a women’s denim jacket with a graphic t-shirt works perfectly for streetwear, whereas wearing a denim jacket over a summer dress can be the ideal outfit for a family party during the hot summer months.

For whatever occasion, women’s denim is always a good choice if you are stuck on what to wear. Unlike other styles that can go out of style, like oversized cardigans and leather jackets, denim jackets are a timeless and classic option that will never go out of style!

Denim clothing items are durable, long-lasting, stylish, and functional! You can put things in the pockets of denim jeans and high-waisted shorts, along with using the pockets on denim jackets for storing your phone, your money, and other small items.

Not to mention, you can personalize your denim clothing items – you can add buttons or stickers to your jackets and vests, along with choosing the color of denim you want for your new piece. Denim typically comes in a light or dark blue, but can also come in black and white, such as a black denim jacket or white denim pants.

Let’s check out the best outfit ideas on how to wear women’s denim with confidence.

Women’s denim jacket and graphic t-shirt

As we mentioned, wearing a women’s denim jacket with a graphic t-shirt is a great way to dress up and add some style to your t-shirt. Especially if it is cold out, or it is going to get colder later during the day, you can layer the t-shirt with the denim jacket for functionality and style.

Not to mention, a graphic t-shirt brings back 90s vibes. The graphic t-shirt combined with the women’s denim jackets is the perfect 90s look for those who enjoy this time. You can pair the graphic t-shirt and denim jacket with another color of jeans, pants, shorts, or a skirt. You can wear the entire outfit with boots, flip flops, sandals, or sneakers depending on the occasion. Rarecustom will print your shirts with care and deliver them to your door.

Women’s denim jacket and dress

To “dress” up a dress, you can add a women’s denim jacket to the top of the dress. Instead of just wearing a plain dress or a floral dress with nothing on top, a denim jacket adds some more style and functionality to your outfit. Since you probably don’t have any pockets in the dress, your denim jacket will be the place you can keep your wallet, phone, and anything else you need during the day and night!

Women’s high waisted denim jeans

The third kind of outfit you can wear when it comes to shopping for women’s denim is high-waisted jeans. You can wear high-waisted jeans with just about anything! Wear this with a graphic t-shirt or a t-shirt tucked into the top of your jeans. If you tuck in your shirt, this will provide the illusion of a slim and flattering figure! You can also pair the high-waisted denim jeans with a cropped shirt that hits just at the point of the waist of the jeans for a flattering look.

Women’s denim shorts

Another denim staple that is an absolute must-have for women’s closets is denim shorts. You can either choose high-waisted denim shorts or regular waisted shorts that work well with a variety of tops. You can dress up denim shorts by wearing a sweater or something fancier as a top, or you can pair the denim shorts with a graphic t-shirt, plain t-shirt, or flannel during the colder months.

Women’s denim vest

Another unique outfit idea you can wear with women’s denim pieces is a women’s denim vest with a t-shirt underneath. The women’s vest works well to add some shape to your body and your outfit while staying casual and stylish. A vest is a unique clothing item that is not typically found in most wardrobes today, so it would be a fun and exciting piece for you to try for your new outfit.

Women’s denim outfit

If you want to wear something that stands out among the crowd and really gives off a stylish vibe, you can try the whole denim look! When searching for women’s denim clothing items, you may find that you really like a denim jacket and a new pair of denim jeans. In this case, consider purchasing two different tones of jacket and pants so you can wear them both together! You can wear a blue denim jacket with black denim pants, or light-washed denim pants with a dark-washed denim jacket.


As you can see, there are endless combinations when it comes to finding women’s denim outfits for any occasion! You can make a fancier outfit by adding a denim jacket to a casual dress, or you can dress down an outfit by wearing denim shorts with a graphic t-shirt. Customize and personalize your outfit by picking and choosing the best women’s denim pieces for you!

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