What Are the Key Aspects Professional Real Estate Postcards Must Include to Get a Response

Finding new clients can prove to be quite the challenge for any realtor, regardless of their experience in the industry.

TV and newspaper ads just aren’t proving to be as effective as they used to be. And although social media marketing has worked for many real estate agents, not every potential client is online.

That’s where real estate marketing postcards come in.

Professional real estate postcards are a great form of direct marketing that helps agents connect with their target market. They can help capture a client’s attention, unlike any other marketing tactic, thanks to the personalized nature of direct mail.

However, to do so effectively, you need to create a compelling postcard design that customers will find absolutely hard to ignore. Contact Wise Pelican and let us help you create the postcard to which everyone would like to respond.

Let’s take a look at some key elements that you must include in your real estate postcard.

1. Professional Visual Imagery

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in this case, it’s probably worth more when it comes to grabbing your ideal customer’s eye.

Potential homeowners will be attracted by the visual appeal of a property, and that’s how you will catch their attention. First impressions do go a long way, and you need to have a high-quality picture that portrays the property in a fine light.

No matter how good your smartphone’s camera is, it does not compare to what you’d achieve with professional photography. Hire a good real estate photography service to take some fine pictures of the property that you can use in the postcard.

2. Your Contact Details

Even if your picture, phone number, physical address, or the email may not be the focus of your postcard, they are still very much important and should be included. Otherwise, how do you expect your ideal customers to get in touch once they’re blown away by what they see in the postcard?

Try and include relevant contact information so that your audience will have a range of options to reach out to. Remember to make sure the information is legible by using easy-to-read fonts, text layout, and color scheme.

3. Call to Action (CTA)

A CTA is a critical component not just for real estate postcards but all other marketing collateral as well. Without a CTA, your marketing messaging will simply go out into the universe without any apparent purpose.

Remember, your ultimate business objective is to sell, and a CTA will compel your audience to take the proper steps that will help you realize your business goal. It could be asking them to email, visit your website, or give you a call.

Leverage Real Estate Postcards to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Postcards are an effective marketing asset for your real estate business. You can get one over your competition by carefully crafting your message and observing the tips listed above.

However, don’t make the same mistake as many other real estate agents of simply relying on a defined mailing list and hoping for the best. Instead, focus your efforts by targeting a particular community so you can really harvest their potential.

This way, you will have more control over the outcome you want to achieve.

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