When are the Best Months to Strike a Deal on a New Car? Your Top Questions Answered

Buying a car is a big undertaking for many of us, and since not all of us have a ton of money in the bank, it would only be realistic to say that we shouldn’t decide to buy a car lightly. The process can be lengthy if you want to be sure of your choice, but once you’ve made the right choice, the rewards can be pretty exceptional. Also, there’s the thing about getting a good deal – and this is where you could get lucky as well. There are some ‘tricks to the trade,’ as they say, and there are times when you could very well take advantage of some of these tricks – including knowing when to buy. Some months are better than others when it comes to buying a car, for example. So when are the best months to strike a deal on a new car? Here are the answers to your top questions.

  • May

Summer is one of the best seasons to buy a car, but May takes the cake of car buying. It’s the beginning of summer, which is one of the busiest times for buying a car. What makes this month ideal is that dealers and automotive manufacturers start with their deals for Memorial Day even before the actual holiday. You can find generous financing, cashback, and leasing deals for sure. At this time, you can also take advantage of lower prices for outgoing vehicle models because the season for auto shows is just ending.

  • October

Many of us identify the month of January until the month of December as our yearly calendar. But for the automotive sector, the year starts in October, which is when they release numerous redesigned and new models in their showrooms. Because of this, they have to remove older models from their car lots – and with this changeover, you can benefit from more discounts and incentives than previous months. As you may already know, the deals will more often be available for outgoing car models, so if you’re fine with that, you could very well drive away with your new car before you know it.

  • November

The ‘Ber months are fantastic for buying a car, and November is no exception, as confirmed by experienced auto dealerships like The fall season is the time when dealerships continue to sell off their older-model cars, and in November, we have the famous (or infamous) Black Friday. If you decide to visit a car dealership rather than fight with other shoppers at the malls and big outlets, you can definitely strike a good deal. These deals become even better as the month goes on, and many dealerships offer low-cost (or even no-cost) incentives for financing as well as cashback offers.

  • December

In December, dealerships spend the month trying to reach their year-end, monthly, and quarterly goals when it comes to sales, and it’s a busy month indeed, with dealerships offering many tempting cashback and financing deals as well.

Dealerships may still have some vehicle models from the previous year on their lots, so you may be able to get a good deal on these if they want to make sure they’re gone from the lot by year’s end.

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