Why Cabinet Refacing Is The Best Kitchen Remodel Option For Spring 2022

Spring is the best time for some long-needed home remodeling projects. The kitchen is the right candidate for some affordable yet effective touch-ups that could give it a completely new look. You don’t have to give up on your old cabinets, and whether you consider them dull and worn doesn’t matter.

You can easily give them a fresh new look with the help of professionals who turn old kitchens into reel-worthy interiors for your Instagram. I wanted to understand better how I could upgrade my old kitchen without having to replace everything in it, so I discussed cabinet refacing with Kitchen Magic. Here’s what I learned:

Plan and Budget

Every remodeling project needs a precise budget that can be translated into a feasible plan. Without proper planning, your project could easily slip into a mess and end up unfinished or utterly different from what you had initially imagined.

For this reason alone, you can choose a more straightforward plan and reimagine your kitchen with a few easy makeovers that won’t rob your wallet but create a fresh and updated look.

When you opt for new cabinetry, your options are pretty limited. You can go to the store, or visit their online presentation, only to be narrowed down to a few available cabinets. You have to make peace with available dimensions, materials, and colors and adjust your vision accordingly.

Refacing the cabinets is a completely different beast. You can go all-in with customization. It’s not only the size, color, and material that can be custom picked, but you can also alter old drawers and repurpose and resize them however you see fit. On the plus side, you don’t have to spend as much money as you would if you opted for new cabinetry.

The benefits of refacing are more room for customization combined with an affordable price.

What Refacing Involves

Kitchen refacing allows you to keep your current layout without compromising on your routine. You can upgrade your old kitchen with a new look and more functionality.

Essentially, refacing is strengthening your old cabinets with new plywood and covered with a beautiful piece of natural wood of your choice or laminate for more convenient maintenance.

The real benefit is the customization range you can apply without negatively affecting functionality.

After picking the color and the cover, you can also pick new pulls, knobs, and hinges for additional customization.

Refacing cabinets is significantly cheaper than replacing them all due to the reduced materials and labor costs. Kitchen Magic can reface your cabinets in just one week compared to a complete kitchen remodel.

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See For Yourself

If you are still unsure how to approach your kitchen remodeling, you should consider keeping your current cabinets and giving them a facelift. As I already mentioned, the biggest benefit is the depth of the customization that can be applied, which improves the looks and functionality of your kitchen.

Professionals with years of experience will reface your cabinets who are fully dedicated to every project.

If you don’t know or can’t choose between a plethora of materials and colors for your new/old kitchen, you can always ask the pros who can give their recommendations that will work for you visually and practically.

The most exciting part about refacing is that it allows you to keep everything but reinforce it with brand new elements. This mixture of old and new is cost-effective and unique, allowing you to add a personal touch to the overall design, something you can rarely find when shopping for brand new cabinetry.

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