Why the JTBD framework is the set tool for identifying customers needs and wants

The jobs to be done framework is helpful in numerous ways. This organization method can help businesses figure out what their target markets hope to gain from their company and how they can alter their practices and methods to make it the most successful company possible!

How the jobs to be done framework can identify customers needs and wants

What are customer needs?

First, we need to know what customers need. Customer needs are the items that your customer needs to have met so they can feel fulfilled using your product or service. For example, if you offer coffee at your cafe, their needs are getting a good tasting cup of coffee to give them energy before their workday. If your coffee is not well made, the coffee lacks caffeine or the service is poor, the customer needs are not met with your business. In this case, they will take their business somewhere else. Make sure you figure out what your customers’ needs and wants are by using the JTBD framework, focus groups, customer feedback, surveys, and doing polls on social media to see what can be addressed and fixed.

There are typically four steps that you can use to utilize the JTBD framework to identify and meet the customers needs and wants for your specific business. The main step includes identifying what your customer needs from your business – figure out through outside methods, like feedback and insights, what your consumer wants to gain from your business. Next, distribute the information to the management level in your business to figure out how to tailor your business towards your target market. Third, create the product that will best meet the customer needs so you can keep your target market growing. Lastly, collect customer feedback to see how your efforts are perceived by the public and how they are working. Click here to find out more about ways to understand what your customers need.

What are customer wants?

The second aspect that must be addressed when it comes to customers needs and wants is the customer wants – what does this mean? Customer wants refers to not what they need to have happen when they use your product or service, but rather what they “want” to have happen when the business is satisfying their needs. For example, some customers may choose a product because of the brand name or because of who it was made. If you use an ethically-sourced clothing brand instead of a manufacturing shop, customers may choose your clothing solely because of this purpose. They want their clothes to be ethically made, so they choose your business over others.

By using the jobs to be done framework, businesses can figure out what their customers’ needs and wants are and how they can meet the increasing demands. Although there is a difference between the customer needs and wants, there are still some aspects of the business that must be changed to meet both of these criteria. By gaining insight, feedback, information, and using social media, companies can leverage their widespread power to determine how to best meet their customers needs and wants.


By using the jobs to be done framework, businesses quickly identify customers’ needs and wants to see what needs to be changed in their business to produce relevant and inspiring products or services!

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