10 Adventurous Things To Do In Bali- Let’s Dive Deeper!!!

A summer spent on the beach relaxing the stressed muscles, or a spring spent trekking in the rainforests, or autumn spent diving and snorkelling; whatever activity you choose, everything you do in Bali ends up being wonderful. So we have made a list of 10 adventurous things to do in Bali to help you make more memories.

1. Ride the underwater scooter

This new recreation activity is unique to Bali and it has quickly become the most popular adventure activity of the city. You can explore the underwater gems of Bali while riding the underwater scooter. It is very easy to use as oxygen is injected into the helmet to help you breathe.

You don’t even need to get a swimming lesson before you hop on to ride the scooter. Just sit and enjoy the ride. Each scooter can seat two people, so you can go on a romantic ride with your loved one.

2. Go for kayaking at Ayung river

You can explore the pristine beaches, hidden caves, and secluded regions of Bali with kayaking. Kayaking gives you a chance at the double benefit. You can enjoy the views of cascading falls, nature trails, and the ambience while spending time with your loved ones.

There are many scenic places to go kayaking on your Bali packages like the Ayung river where you can see the sunset and enjoy the thrill of crossing the rapids.

3. Enjoy a ride of canyon tubing

Canyon tubing is another example of modern adventure activity where you can ravish in the gorgeous scenery of lush, green rainforests as you go down the small stream in your raft. You can enjoy canyon tubing at Kerta, Payangan. Here you are driven by streams to about 40 kilometres with the support of only a helmet and a life west.

While you experience the thrill, you would be awestruck seeing the exotic birds and other fauna as well as flora.

4. Paragliding at Denpasar

Paragliding is an adventure that every true adventurer would desire. So, are you a true adventure enthusiast? Ever wondered how it feels to float above everything else? Or ever wondered how it feels to experience the utmost freedom? You can relish these true feelings in Bali skies, at Denpasar. You would be floating at a height of 10 m above sea level. Is it not something your soul craves for? It can be scary but the view is worth the fear.

5. Surf your way through the Balinese coast

Bali has everything an adventure enthusiast would dream of, like surfing through the Balinese coast, which is part of our list of 10 adventure things to do in Bali. This city is ideal for surfing because it has great weather and the right water temperature throughout the year, Bali is a favourite place of all the surfers.

The southern area of Bali has world-renowned surfing spots like Balangan, Dreamland, Bingin, Impossibles, and Padang-Padang. It has spots for beginners to surf, like Kuta beach, where you can join surf schools.

6. Trek on an active volcano to witness a beautiful sunrise

Do you want to experience the thrill of climbing atop an active volcano? Well, in Bali you are free to experience trekking on Mount Batur. And an amazing thing is that you don’t need to be scared of it as it is not going to erupt anytime soon. You can go to the crater’s rim to observe an exceptional sunrise.

The path is a bit challenging because the volcanoes are steep but it is all worth the view of the sun going down.


7. Jump off a cliff at Aling Aling waterfall

If you love water and live for water sports, then Bali is a haven for you. Aling Aling waterfall is a secret worth exploring, it is among the rarely visited places in Bali that you can discover and enjoy.

Get your heart pumping with a jump off a cliff at this waterfall where it is less crowded with more peace. This place is crafted for your family to enjoy in solace.

8. Dive deep and find treasures in Sanur, Bali

How can you say you love adventure if you never dared to explore the depths of the underwater? Come and start fresh if you haven’t tried snorkelling in snorkel lover’s paradise Sanur. It is home to many varieties of fish like batfish, pufferfish and many more. Snorkelling is one of the most thrilling adventure activities that let you explore the colourful underwater world. You can also enjoy the cuisine of Indonesia after making memories and swimming like dolphins. It is one of the most interesting activities on our list of 10 adventurous things to do in Bali.

9. Try flyboarding at Benoa

Ever heard of flyboarding? Have you seen Hrithik Roshan doing a cool sign inspired by Spiderman 2 in Bang Bang movie? Well, if you have, then what he was doing is called flyboarding. If you are a water lover, this activity surely suits you. And you should do this on your trip to Bali. This was first brought to light by Franky Zapata. This board uses a board that is powered by water at 200 pk. And if you think you are daring, try doing a backflip and enjoy the adrenaline rush.

10. Up and beyond on the Bali Swing

Have you ever fantasized about floating through the clouds or swinging through them? If so, then Bali Swing is crafted just for you. You will feel dizzy because of the amount of beauty the sky view of Bali holds. You can choose the height of your swing from a height of 10m to exhilarating 78 metres, all depending on your choice. You can enjoy the breathtaking views from April to September.

Bali is the ultimate getaway to adventure and peace, you can visit Bali for more than one reason. If you want peace the island offers a variety of serene beaches, if you want to rejuvenate then the island has several spas and wellness centres, and most of all you can enjoy the adventure for your wild side. So are you up for an adventure ride in Bali? But before you go make sure to check our Bali packages on the Pickyourtrail website.

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