• What are the important chapters in Class 7 Maths?

    Class 7 Maths is the basic foundation and the introduction of many new concepts for the students which are very interesting. The concepts that they learn in class 7 will be carried forward in the higher classes. If the foundation of the topics is made clear in class 7 the understanding will be very smooth and easier in the next…

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  • 4 Things to Do Once You’ve Graduated College

    Now that you have graduated college and entered the world of adulthood, you might be left wondering what to do next. You’ve got your degree and you’re temporarily living back home with your parents until you figure out what to do next. Everybody is telling you that ‘the world is your oyster’, hoping to ease your nerves about leaving college.…

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  • 5 Common Writing Mistakes Children Make

    Writing is one of the first skills that children are taught when they start schooling. There are children who learn first but there are others who struggle for some time before mastering the art of writing. Sometimes it is difficult to know if your child is doing well or is making a lot of mistakes. All in all, writing is…

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  • Simple Tips to Improve Your Physics Grade

    Handling a physics assignment or excelling in the physics exam can be quite a daunting task. The only way to score a top grade in Physics is by working on the subject across the semester. In addition, a pattern must be followed in the way of answering a question. This decides your score in the assignments or exams. If you…

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  • Neuroscience And Social Media: The Future Of Digital Marketing

    In 2014, Facebook received criticism for experimenting on some 700,000 users by manipulating their newsfeeds without their consent. Facebook attempted to control the emotions users were exposed to and observe how it affected their posting pattern. From that point onward, marketers began to consider/incorporate neuroscience to predict consumers’ behavior by tapping into their subconscious. Neuromarketing enables marketers to have a…

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  • Is Blockchain in High Demand?

    Blockchain has been hailed as one of, if not, the fastest growing industries. According to Statistics, 0.5% which translates to about 40 million people of the world’s population has adopted blockchain technology and the number is expected to quadruple in the next 5 years. Ten years to come, this figure will have risen to double the world’s population at 80…

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