10 fun activities kids will love playing

The ability to encourage your children to go outside and play should be very simple when the weather is pleasant. Right? Children, on the other hand, can be unexpectedly reticent to dash out the door for playtime.

Many children of the upcoming generation are substituting sedentary activities such as iPad gaming, texting, or social media for activities such as playing or moving a lot to stay active. They also involve them more than earlier generations of kids in knowledge-based idle activities such as homework and study.

There are many enjoyable, simple, and innovative ways to encourage your children to spend more time doing active hobbies. Methods that do not need a significant investment of time, money, or organization. We’re going to share 10 of them with you below. Try one out right now!

Water balloon T-ball or baseball

Take either your t-ball set or just a baseball bat, depending on your child’s abilities. Prefill a handful of balloons with water. Please put them in a laundry basket or plastic bath. Go to the park and invite your buddies to play!

Chalk obstacle course

All you need is chalk and some vision. For literate children, Write out a range of gross motor motions in a sequence for literate children like you hopscotch. For example:

  • Hop like a bunny x 3.
  • Hold tree poses on one side.
  • Walk up your hands and feet.
  • Jump on one foot.
  • Keep tree poses on the other side.
  • Jump on the opposite foot.
  • Slip twist x 2 and try to touch the sky x 4.

Capture the flag

A group of six or more people and two flags are required for this classic outdoor game for kids (pieces of fabric in different colors). Begin by dividing your yard into two adjacent courts that are around 12″ by 12″ in size—although the size might vary based on the amount of area available. Divide the participants into two groups and instruct them to each set a flag near the rear of their respective court. The game’s goal is for players to race into the opposite team’s court and seize their flag before time runs out. Getting tagged results in a player being declared “out,” while capturing the flag results in the player winning the game.

Kick the can

Obtain a group of four people and designate one of them as “It.” While the other players remain hidden, one child kicks an empty can. Following a successful count of 100, the kicker raises the can to its upright position and declares, “Ready or not, here I come.” She then goes on a search for additional players in the vicinity. Following her discovery, she calls out the name of the player in question. Both individuals sprint to the trash can and attempt to kick it. If the hider succeeds, the game is over; however, if the kicker succeeds, the hider becomes imprisoned near the can, and the game is restarted from there. Captives can break away if other hiders kick the can without being discovered. Once all of the players have been taken, the game is over.

Play camp kitchen

If your child enjoys preparing meals out of artificial ingredients, he or she will enjoy playing “campfire” in the backyard. Assist him in packing his pretend pots and pans, rubber chicken, and whatever else your little chef thinks up into his bag before heading out to gather kindling and start a “fire” with him.

Biking experience

As a family, do regular walks, bike rides, or runs to keep fit. Many urban neighborhoods feature trails and bike pathways that run through parks, along rivers, or along lakefronts. You may want to replace the traditional bikes with motorized bicycles, as the conventional biking experience can get boring as time goes on.


If you haven’t heard of geocaching before, it is a real-life treasure hunting game that involves the use of GPS-enabled devices. Using GPS coordinates, you navigate to a certain spot and then attempt to locate the geocache that has been stashed at that site.

Play with water

Water is a welcome sight for children who are eager to get outside and splash around. There are numerous inventive methods to do it, such as washing the car, watering the garden, running through sprinklers, going down a slip-and-slide, jumping in a blow-up pool, or creating a water table.

Try exercising to stay active

Playing a friendly game of dodgeball, wiffle ball, or soccer with your children can be an excellent way to get them to appreciate spending time being healthy and active. You can never go wrong when parents invest in a high-quality piece of kids’ workout equipment. A brightly colored, durable jump rope encourages your child to play with friends and boosts their aerobic health while also helping them work on agility skills

Make sidewalk arts

Give your children a large bucket of sidewalk chalk and allow them to express themselves. Provide them with some inspiration in the form of printed photos or even stencils to color with.

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