10 Tips to Create a Do-Able Wedding Budget

The major wedding budgeting mistakes to steer clear of

There are two main words that are highly associated with wedding budgeting – ‘stressful’ and ‘expensive’, right? But did you know that is always the case when budgeting for a wedding? Well, you heard it right. To the contrary, your wedding planning, from the budgetary point of view, should be a lot of fun. You only need to learn the tricks and the wedding mistakes that you’re supposed to avoid and how to create a do-able wedding budget that will not have you strain your resources or what you have. There is no doubt that if you have even a rough idea of how to go about your budget then you’ll, definitely, avoid some of the grievous mistakes people make when planning their big day. In this article, we go a step further to give you a percentage breakdown on how to allocate your funds, for other things like wedding decoration for rent.

1. Venue, rentals and catering – 45% of the budget

the venue, wedding rental costs and catering will take a larger share of your wedding budget. Don’t do the mistake of under-allocating these three important things lest you want to run into troubles. In most cases, you might have couples including their wedding cake cost in the 45% and it is, actually, a brilliant idea especially when you don’t have a lot to spend.

But that said and done, it is wise to make sure that you get precisely what you hire or buy. For instance, if the agreement was to get dressed chairs and tables, then make sure that all of them are dressed, not the front ones only.

2. Décor – give it 9% of the budget

Décor is an essential component of any wedding. It helps set the tone, theme and spirit of the whole celebration. That is one of the main reasons why décor should be allocated some good amount in your wedding budgeting. The wedding rentals décor will include flowers, bouquets, special lightings and anything else that will be used for decorations.

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3. Videography and photography – 12% of the budget would be good for this

Always remember that once the wedding is done, it is the photos and videos that will be there to recreate the memories of the experiences that you had when walking down the aisle. That is why it is important to set aside a reasonable amount of your budget for the purposes of photography and videography. When quoting for these services, most professionals include the cost of hiring the equipment and their time, apart from thinking of the profit margin that they want. You can Know about this table covers wholesale.

4. Hair, makeup and attires – 10% of the budget

You must look not just good but great on your special day. No doubt about that. The amount earmarked for this purpose might, however, dependent on other factors like deciding on whether you will be buying or renting the attires and the specific quotes you will get for makeup and hair making.

5. Stationeries – 3% of the budget is good for this purpose

Some people don’t know that wedding stationeries are an important aspect of any wedding. They are, in most cases, left out of the budget for one reason or the other. The stationeries include the wedding invitation cards, menus, programs, and thank-you notes or cards among others.

6. Wedding planner – allocate at least 2% of the budget for this role

Are you looking forward to using a wedding planner? If yes, then you will need to set aside some 2% percent of your budget to take care of that. Wedding planners might come with these budgetary implications but they can make the kind of difference that you need to make your special day great and memorable. They bring in a lot of professionalism in doing and managing a lot of things.

7. Travel/transport – 8% of the budget will be good

You may need to hire some travel agencies just to make sure that your guests arrive at the venue and are taken back comfortably and that will come with a cost. You might also consider hiring wedding cars for your wedding party. With at least 10% of the budget set aside for travel/transport, you will be on good grounds.

8. Entertainment and wedding bands – save 5% of the budget for this

It is inevitable that you will need entertainment in your wedding, especially during the reception and after party. Having at least 5% of your budget set aside to pay for entertainment, depending on the kind of entertainment that you want, you will set to go. In most cases, many couples opt for getting a band to play live music or a DJ.

9. Wedding rings – assign 2% of the budget here

Yes, you might be having an engagement ring already but you will, definitely, need a wedding ring. You will, probably, wear these rings for the entire life and therefore you should get something really good and one which you love.

10. Wedding officiant and goodies for the guests – give this at least 4% of the budget

Will you be hiring someone to officiate your wedding? Well, factor in that in your budget and the gifts that you will give your guests as a ‘thank you’ gesture for attending your wedding. Don’t assume that it’s the guests who are only supposed to give you gifts. White chair covers for weddings is the best policy in the function.

In summary, when you’ve a guide in terms of wedding budgeting, you will definitely come up with a do-able budget in which you will not have to spend a leg and an arm to make your wedding a special one.

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