11 Bad Habits That Lead To Sleepless Nights

Many of us had to toss and turn all night from side to side, exhausted from futile attempts to sleep. After sleepless nights, a person feels depressed and tired. Lack of adequate sleep weakens the immune system, worsens mood, and makes a person irritable.

However, do not rush to go to the doctor or the pharmacy for the advertised sleeping pills. Try to remember what you did the evening before going to bed? Maybe the things you did in the evening are the reasons for insomnia.

Bad Habits That Cause Insomnia

Here is the list of bad habits that prevent you from getting proper sleep at night.

1. Use Gadgets In Bed

For many, it has become a habit to use tablets, phones, and laptops before going to bed. Instead of closing their eyes and relaxing, people watch movies for a long time, scroll through news feeds, and chat on social networks. It turns out that this habit is not at all harmless.

The light from the screen makes our brain activate. Therefore, after an evening spent in front of a laptop monitor or with a phone in hand, it is more difficult for a person to relax and fall asleep. Thus, you must quit this bad habit to get rid of insomnia.

2. Drinking Alcohol

Those who have alcohol abuse disorder normally have insomnia. This is the reason that in the US, especially in the States where alcohol addiction is extremely high, like Wisconsin, the number of patients with alcohol-induced insomnia is increasing.

To cope with this problem, individuals must consult the help of specialists. The best solution is to get admitted to an inpatient alcohol rehab Wisconsin, where a person will stay under the supervision of an expert 24/7. Through such treatment, alcoholism, as well as insomnia, will be cured.

3. Reflecting On Life’s Problems

Do you still have important work to do? Or are personal issues preventing you from relaxing? It is not easy to fall asleep when your head is occupied with such thoughts. Try to disconnect from the questions that concern you.

At night you will not solve important matters, and the morning, as you know, is wiser than evenings. So get rid of unnecessary thoughts and know that the night is not the right time to ponder upon your life’s problems.

4. Talking On The Phone For A Long Time Before Bed

If insomnia often bothers you, try to minimize your phone calls before bed. It doesn’t matter what the nature of the conversation is. Communication at work or with loved ones seems to be a harmless pastime. However, it is not. After long telephone conversations, the brain takes a longer period of time to enter deep sleep.

5. Neglect The Room Temperature

Scientists argue that a person needs to monitor the temperature in the bedroom in order to get adequate sleep. It turns out that you can get a good night’s sleep if the room is no more than 20-22 degrees.

In addition, we need fresh air for restful sleep. Ventilate the room before going to bed. This will not only help you relax and set you in the right mood but also have a positive effect on health by helping your body getting rid of harmful microorganisms and infections.

6. Not Extinguishing The Light

Try to turn off all light sources in your bedroom, even dim ones. It turns out that sleeping in a lighted room is detrimental to your health. People who like to sleep in the light have a violation of natural biorhythms, which leads to sleepless nights.

7. Drinking Caffeinated Beverages

Caffeine is a psychostimulant that decreases deep sleep time. Due to the use of caffeine-containing drinks before bedtime, a person cannot fall asleep for a long time. In addition, the morning will bring a feeling of weakness to the coffee lover. Experts recommend drinking tea, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks 5 hours before bed.

8. Smoking Before Bed

The desire to get rid of insomnia is a great reason to quit smoking. According to the observations of scientists, cigarettes cause the activation of brain activity. Because of this, the brain of smokers does not have time to rest during sleep fully. If you are unable to quit the habit, try to at least not smoke for a few hours before bed.

9. Wearing Uncomfortable Clothes

Pay attention to your pajamas. Sleepwear has a direct impact on the quality of your night’s rest. Uncomfortable, low-quality fabrics or overly tight pajamas will negate your attempts to get enough sleep. Therefore, the choice of clothing for sleep must be approached with responsibility because your health depends on it.

10. Forgetting To Take Off Your Makeup

Everyone should remember that makeup must be washed off before going to bed. For a healthy skin of the face, a timely cleansing is necessary. In addition, this ritual helps many to relax and tune in to rest. However, many women often neglect this important procedure, which leads to sleepless nights.

11. Eating Before Bed

This point deserves special attention. Many people like to have a hearty dinner and go to a warm bed. But it will not only help to get enough sleep, rather, on the contrary, but it will also make you turn in bed for a long time.

In addition, this habit causes many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Doctors say that it is not necessary to refuse food before bedtime completely. If you really want to, you can have a light snack. Sour milk products are ideal for a late dinner.

Take Away

We mentioned some of the most common reasons that lead to insomnia. So it would help if you get rid of these bad habits to sleep peacefully at night. Besides, experts recommend a leisurely walk before bed. They believe that in order to get rid of insomnia, try to be outdoors shortly before bedtime, do not overeat in the evening, and replace watching TV with reading a fascinating book. And you will have a sound and full sleep at night.

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