15 Ways to Decorate Your Home Using Cushion Covers

Are cushion covers part of your decor? Or do you even know what cushion covers are? Well, cushion covers are thick cushions that can be used as decoration or to make a room look more comfortable. For the past few years cushion covers have become popular by people who want to add color, patterns, and uniqueness to their homes.

There are many ways cushion covers can be used in the home so here is a list of 15 ideas for how you can use cushion cover decor in your home!

Before we get started there are some things I would like to run through first:

  • Not all cushion cover styles work with each other. If you want an eclectic look it’s important to choose cushion covers that look good together.
  • Pay attention to cushion cover sizes. Make sure you have a cushion that will fit into your cushion covers! For example, if the cushion cover is 20 x 40 inches check that there is a cushion size that can fit into those dimensions.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors! If you want a cushion covers with lots of patterns or colors make sure they go together and make a nice design. Also, it helps to choose cushion covers around the same color scheme so they all look good together.
  • Cushions aren’t just for decoration; use them to add softness and color to your living room or bedroom!

Examples 1 & 2: Classic Colors

In this first example I chose some plain cushion covers in white, pale pink and light gray. All cushion covers have the same cushion size.

I then put together some cushion covers that have a similar color scheme to create this design! The cushion covers are all different, but go well together.

The cushion covers in Example 1 & 2 look delicate and classic with their pastel colors and simple designs of flowers and swirls. They give the room a calm and relaxing feel which is great for bedrooms or living rooms!

Example 3: A Bold Design

This example shows how cushion cover decor can be used to add pattern to a plain room! I chose cushion covers that had an interesting design on them such as the tribal print cushion cover above. This pattern does not match at all but adds interest to the room by contrasting the cushion covers and patterns together.

If you want to use cushion covers with a pattern like this, make sure that the cushion cover is big enough for the cushion because it doesn’t look as good if there is a lot of white space around it!

Example 4: Cushion Covers as Decor

This example shows how cushion covers can be used to decorate your walls instead of using paintings or framed prints which can get expensive! This cushion cover was £16 from Homesense for a plain cushion cover so you could buy five cushion covers for less than £60 pounds and have them hanging on your wall as decoration! It’s much cheaper than going out and buying art work every time you want to change up a room.

This cushion cover has tassels on the bottom which adds an interesting detail to your cushion covers that you can hang on your walls! You could also choose cushion covers with different patterns or colors that would go together.

Example 5: Cushions as Decor

This example shows how you can use cushion covers to fill up space in a room! It looks nice and it’s useful because you instantly liven up any sofa or armchair with cushions. This is good for if you want to update the look of the sofa without spending too much money, but I do suggest re-upholstering it after buying so many cushion covers because it will get old very quickly!

  1.  Turn cushion covers into bulletin board with pins
  2.  Have cushion cover instead of book pillow on regular pillow or bed cushion
  3.  Use cushion covers as scarf
  4.   Decorate cushion covers using different fabrics, buttons and beads to turn them into personalized cushion covers
  5.   Have cushion covers for your chair at home instead of having small pillows everywhere in the house
  6.  Cushion covers can be used on hat or cap
  7.   Cushion cover are good to make decorative lampshades on ceiling lights
  8.    Use cushion covers behind TV sets
  9.    Make a cushion cover flowers
  10.    Add some cushion insert to plain cushions that you have on the bed/chairs
  11.    Got cushion covers a little dirty? Then use it as a doormat
  12.     Use cushion covers to make pockets on your skirt or pants
  13.   Make cushion cover with sleeves for cushion insert
  14. Cushion covers can be good to have cushion inserts and use it as head pillow when sleeping (instead of using regular pillows)
  15. Sometimes cushion covers can be used as an accessory like wearing them on your wrist or arms, etc.. There are different ideas that you could do with cushion covers!


Cushion covers are a very useful thing to have around the house to give your cushion inserts color or patterns that you wouldn’t be able to get with just using cushion inserts. You can even turn cushion covers into other things like pillows, doormats.

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