2 Ways in DIY Repairing of your Car Headliner

Repairing something has never been so easy. It requires a lot of effort, time, and patience to fully fix a broken item, and fixing cars is on another level. Cars have components that are too tiring to fix, especially if you do not have the knowledge to do it. You may say that “Why don’t I just go to a mechanic and get it fixed?” Well you can but for sure it will be expensive.

Do-It-Yourself replacement and repairing of objects are becoming trendy nowadays. Some people prefer now to do it themselves as it saves a lot of money and they can do it with their preferred layout or materials; just like Car Headliners. Headliners often tend to be saggy or broken down, and this is not a new case for everyone. And repairing or replacing it is the best option to do, so check this article to know more details about it.

What is a Vehicle Headliner?

It is a fabric that covers the top or the ceiling of a car. It is placed there as it provides protection against the heat of the sun and sound of the wind from the outside. Some cars have some extra features and installations and headliners can provide a place to hide the electrical components, antennas, and other accessories that you have in your vehicle. Furthermore, it also provides an extra layer of protection when people bump their heads on the ceiling. It is helpful to avoid any harm inflicted.  read more : onlinewebworld24

A normal one comprises different materials, especially foam, and is stitched into layers. The layers are then attached to the headliner board with glue to make it look and feel smooth and soft, and as an insulator of heat and noise from outside the car. 

How does it work? When it is mounted on the ceiling of the car, the fabric will absorb the heat, preventing the inside of the car from heating up. It is the reason why people that have a good quality headliner do not have their car heated up when parked under the sun. As it adds a layer to the car’s roof, it prevents the noise of the high speed winds from entering the car; insulating it.

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Nevertheless, let us proceed to the different ways in repairing your car’s headliner. 

  • Buy Ready-to-Install Replacement

  • Buying a ready-to-install replacement for your broken or saggy headliner would be the most convenient option if you want to lessen the time and effort. There are stores that sell these replacements and it is cheaper compared to making the product from the start. Furthermore, it is preferred by drivers as it can be easily mounted to the car’s ceiling.
  • Start from Zero

  • This way of repairing it will take a lot of effort and will consume a lot of time for you. However, it is the best option if you are into customizing and maximizing the quality of your headliner. It requires a lot of material as you will start from sewing the foam together to create a layer that you will attach from the board. Fabrics and foams will surely make the cost expensive. Nonetheless, like what I have said, it ensures a high-grade replacement for your old and broken one.

How do I replace or repair it?

If you have selected what you will be using to repair it, here comes the question on how you will do it. Don’t worry, I got your back as this article will also provide a guide in fixing it.

  • Stick the product using glue

You have the output of either of the two ways of replacing it, and now you need to install it. The first and conventional way of mounting a headliner is using glue. Durable adhesive type of glue, the ones that you use on carpets, is the type of glue that you will need to attach the new one. You may also use a hot glue for a more secure attachment of it; however you need to know that it may still fall off. Moreover, in applying the glue, make sure it is equally distributed for a long-lasting and best results of mounting it.

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  • Use Pins

You may think of this as a silly idea, pins for the headliner? Well, it is often used by people to reduce the cost as glue requires a lot of quantity and quality that makes it expensive. On the other hand, pins are cheap, easier to apply and would not require a lot of effort to place. Make sure that when using pins to attach it, it is appealing to perceive and won’t be falling off over when you hit the road. You may do it even if you don’t have an experience of attaching a replacement, but rather it is the easiest and user-friendly.

  • Using Twist Pins

If you have replaced or fixed a saggy one, for sure you have come across twist pins. According to mechanics, they are the real solution in fixing and attaching it. The difference it has from a normal pin is that it has a pointy head that can be twisted in the head. It is more reliable in terms of durability of the mounting and it is least likely to fall off. It is one of the ways that are cheap and easy to use in replacing or repairing.


Falling or Broken headlining does not need drastic solutions to deal with. Sometimes, using drastic methods to solve, repair or replace it will make it expensive. It is better to do it yourself when it only takes an ample amount of time and effort to do so. It will not only teach you how to do it but will lessen the expense you will have to pay for. Furthermore, it is best to maintain the good condition of every component of your car for safety of the vehicle, driver and the passenger. Remember that it does not only provide appeal to the vehicle, but it also provides insulation and cushion for the car.

Thank you for reading this article. Have a safe trip on your journey! 

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