3 Reasons Every Office Needs Desk Name Plates to Improve Employee Engagement!

Office nameplates aren’t anything new. You will find them on most office desks, regardless of industry or niche. The downside is newer open-plan offices have started to omit them.

Old fashioned or not, nameplates have numerous benefits, including making navigation around the office so much easier. What most employers don’t know, however, is that personalized desk name plates contribute a great deal to overall employee motivation and retention.

That said, here are three top reasons you should use them if at all you want to increase employee engagement:

1.  They Give Employees a Sense of Belonging and Ownership

Nameplates are great for making employees feel like they belong and that they are an integral part of the company. While a nameplate is a relatively small gesture, it can play a significant role in building your company culture.

A nameplate can be used as a reward to give the employee a sense of ownership. They will feel like they truly own the office or desk space designated to them when it’s labeled with their name.

Additionally, a nameplate can help make new employees feel welcome and at home. They’ll know you had prepared for their arrival in advance. It will also help save time when onboarding, as the new employee will spend time learning the job rather than their colleagues’ names.

2. Desk Name Plates Make Employees Feel Respected and Recognized

Rewarding your employees with nameplates for their desks shows them that you see and appreciate their individual contribution to the company, click here to learn more about desk name plates. Such appreciation is important, whether you run a big or small company, as it increases loyalty and productivity.

By showing your workers that they are critical to the running of your business, you’re also more likely to retain them. Statistics have shown that most people would stay in a job that they feel appreciated. Lack of appreciation, on the other hand, is a significant reason for employees exiting the company.

3. They Reassure Employees of Their Job Security

Job security is a major issue for most employed people. In fact, most people will stay in a role that isn’t paying as well as they’d like because of job assurance. On the other hand, jobs that don’t offer security usually have meager retention rates.

What shouts job security more than an engraved nameplate on an employee’s desk?

By giving your employees personalized nameplates, you’re basically telling them that you plan to keep them for the long haul, and in turn, they will be loyal to you.

Get Personalized Name Plates for Your Employees and See the Difference

Office nameplates, though minor, will most likely lift the general mood of your workplace. They can not only motivate employees but also help to keep them. It doesn’t matter how small or big your company is. That said, be sure to understand your employees’ styles and preferences before you buy or order any nameplates for them.

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