3 Reasons Why Framing Your Favourite Jersey Is a Good Idea

Every sports fan has a favourite player who they have always admired since they fell in love with that sport. Most of the time, they would buy tons of merchandise with their favourite player’s name and team, such as coffee mugs, hats, shorts, and the most important one of all, their jerseys.

You might know someone with a vast collection of sports jerseys who hang on the walls within a single room because of how much they love the sport, team, or player. But if you recently got your hands on a signed jersey from a famous sports player, you need to have it framed. You can find many reasons jersey framing is one of the best ways to showcase your jerseys.

1. Hang It on Walls

The most obvious reason to have your sports jerseys framed is that you get the chance to hang them on your bedroom walls. Every day, you wake up to a framed jersey hanging on the wall and think to yourself that the most famous player signed it for you. Some say that hanging them motivates you every day, especially when you start a tiring day of work or school.

And when you have your family or friends over to your room, you can show them that you have a signed jersey from your favourite player right away. You do not have to keep taking it out of your closet since it is already framed and hung on the wall. It is the best way to start a conversation with people who share the same interest as you.

2. Never Lose That Beloved Jersey

When you have a signed jersey, you have to protect it with all your life because you may never get the same chance in the future. There were many instances when people got their jerseys lost or damaged, even when they placed them inside their closets or drawers. Note that placing a valuable jersey in those places is not the best idea.

Your parents might accidentally put it in the washing machine, which can erase the sign or signature. That is a good enough reason to frame your jersey if you do not want it to be tampered with or touched by anyone. You also get to preserve the signature since the frame is protecting it from potential moisture or mildew.

3. Protection From Damage and Accidents

There is nothing worse for a jersey collector than seeing their jerseys starting to gain wear and tear. Usually, a jersey that never gets worn for a long time deteriorates faster than what you wear during sporting events. You also do not want to wash the jerseys, especially when they have a player’s signature.

Luckily, you can prevent all of that by contacting a company that can do jersey framing. The frames can keep your jersey protected from all kinds of issues that can potentially damage it. No matter how large the jersey is, you can get custom sized frames to place and display your jersey in your room.

Some frame their favourite jerseys because they want to remember the moment for as long as possible, while others do it because it might turn into a profit in the future. You might encounter a sports memorabilia collector at some point, and they may want to buy your signed jersey. However, they will only purchase it if you keep it in mint condition, and what better way to do that than by framing it.

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