3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Use a Multi Channel Sales Strategy

Multi channel selling is an increasingly popular strategy for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Manufacturers in particular see major benefits from using it, mainly due how accessible online selling is. In this article, we discuss what multi channel selling, what its benefits are, and what tools to use to optimize this tactic.

What is a multi channel sales strategy?

Multi channel selling is a business strategy that enables you to sell your products across a variety of channels. For example, manufacturers used to sell only to retailers. Today, they continue to do so, but also sell directly to consumers via their ecommerce website or marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy.

As an expansion strategy for sales, it also means new challenges are on the horizon. You’ll have to keep track of inventory and sales throughout these multiple channels and that’s no easy feat. Using manufacturing software to help with maintaining control over stock and business operations is essential for a lean manufacturing firm.

Nevertheless, multi channel selling is an advantageous tactic and here are three reasons why.

  • It helps to improve your brand’s recognition

Consumers today do thorough research before buying. They look into a brand’s reputation and sustainability efforts, as well as for a personal connection. Having your brand and products available on multiple platforms, from brick and mortar stores to online marketplaces, increases the likelihood of a sale. Moreover, it helps your brand become more recognizable as your audience is constantly exposed to it.

  • It helps to gain a competitive edge

If your competition uses several sales channels you must follow suit. If they don’t, you must take advantage and get there first. The multi channel tactic is a clear winner, either way. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it to gain a competitive edge.

  • You can leverage your presence on search engines and marketplaces

Nowadays, people prefer shopping online. A simple Google search returns a myriad of results to choose from. Proper search engine optimization can put your website at the top of organic results, which means that there’s an increased likelihood your ideal customer will visit your website. Alternatively, marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy are platforms with high authority, which makes them a favorite for the Google search algorithm. 

Being present on multiple online channels helps your brand be visible and easy to discover by your target audience.

Final thoughts

If you choose the right channels, provide exceptional customer service, and automate your processes with digital tools, you’re on the right path to a successful multi channel sales strategy. Make sure to plan in advance, have the right resources available, and measure success. Being present online is no longer an option, but a must in order to achieve success as a modern manufacturer.


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