3 Things To Consider When Hiring An EWP In Melbourne

Melbourne is a coastal metropolis located in the Southeastern part of the country. The city is the capital of Victoria and has an estimated population of 5.2 million residents. Melbourne has also consistently ranked among the top livable cities in the world, placing in the top five for seven consecutive years.

Statistics indicate that the city accounts for over 40% of the National Growth based on GDP contribution. These statistics also include vital services, including the EWP Hire in Melbourne, which has become essential for the construction industry.

There is no denying that Melbourne dominates the country in terms of economic growth. The city had an estimated $369 billion in GDP in the previous year, making it a top economic centre.

Considering The Right Equipment When Hiring An EWP

The increasing need for worker safety in construction projects has become vital in the construction equipment and supply for rent industry. High rise construction projects must equip workers with the appropriate tools to prevent hazards and potential life risks.

Renting the wrong elevated working platform or having an inexperienced operator often leads to an increased safety risk. There are several critical considerations when deciding on a suitable unit to provide appropriate applications.

Choosing the right machine for your project means increased productivity. Having quality EWP Hire in Melbourne is essential because your workers depend on the equipment, particularly when working from heights.

Therefore, you need to know which appropriate EWP system would help your workers maintain work equilibrium and sustain their productivity. An elevated work platform is meant to provide workers with a safe scaffold to work and provide them with versatile equipment to finish work easily.

The Importance Of Training And Having Licensed Operators

Legally operating access equipment would require an operator to have the EWPA Yellow Card, which indicates they meet the minimum industry standards for operations. Operating a boom lift with a height reaching 11 meters and above also requires HRW WP licensing.

It is always critical for an EWP operator to have proper licensing to avoid the common mistakes of overloading, overturning the equipment, or hitting objects.

What Type Of EWP Will A Construction Project Require?

One of the most important questions your business needs to figure out before anything else is the type of elevated work platform required for a job. There are two main types of available equipment for EWP Hire in Melbourne – the scissor lift and the boom lift.

A scissor lift has a working platform with constricted movement. The platform can only move in a vertical position and cannot rotate or telescope. EWP is used in repair and construction projects like cladding applications, building maintenance, or light fixture maintenance and repair.

On the other hand, boom lifts are more versatile in terms of movement. These types of machinery can telescope, hinge, or articulate or have combined functionalities. It can support a basket or platform where a worker can work and carry materials.

Choosing the suitable unit is an inevitable part of your project’s decision making. Ultimately, you want to get the best user experience and provide better value for renting the equipment.

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