3 Ways To Convert PDF To PDF/A In Seconds

Technology runs our daily lives at work and in school. Smartphones, tablets, and computers seem to be productivity lines for everyone. Without them, it is like we cannot function. In a short amount of time, technology has been ruling the world in the market and now, many people cannot sustain life without it. Technology paves the way to the success of each and everyone most especially in this time of the pandemic.

PDF format has been the staple format on our documents since it is versatile for every device and system you are using. It is an ideal format, most especially in the business sector. Just so you know, there is a better version of PDF, which is the PDF/A.

What is PDF/A?

What is PDF/A, and how does it differ from PDF format? PDF/A is another version of the PDF that ensures that the document will be retained when duplicated, regardless of what software is used. It ensures the safety and accessibility of the file for the long term by basically embedding all of the information necessary for displaying the document and its elements in the same manner.

What are the different types of PDF/A?

When you convert PDF to PDFA, some tools give the user an option to convert them into specific types of PDF/A.

  1. PDF/A-1b: This selection guarantees that a PDF can be presented and viewed on a computer monitor, however, the legibility of the text is not ensured.
  2. PDF/A-2b: You can use this option when you want your document to be rendered the same as when the file was saved. You can save it as your document in this PDF/A file if you want to create an auxiliary copy of your file and its elements.
  3. PDF/A-2u: In this type of PDF/A, the document texts can be open to searching and can be copied. The “u” stands for Unicode and allows organizations that make it guaranteed for the searching and copying of texts.

Each option provides varying levels of preservation of various items in your original PDF file. It has the different option of choosing which content is maintained.

3 Ways On How To Turn PDF to PDF/A?

1.  Using PDFbear

PDFbear is a promising online conversion tool that is available on the net that won’t require you a payment for its usage. The tool claims to protect the entirety of your uploaded document by 256-bit Encryption technology that will surely secure you with the outflow of your privacy. The key feature of this online tool is they support all types of devices and browsers, from Safari on mobile, Firefox on the laptop to Chrome on iPad.

In the conversion process, you just have to select the file from your computer or dropbox and drag it into the conversion box. After a few minutes, your converted PDF/A is ready to be downloaded.

2.  Using Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is software that offers you all kinds of services for your PDF file. It claims that the software is a Microsoft Office–like interface that ensures an intuitive experience and proven to be new-user friendly since it does not complicate the usage of it that makes it easier to learn.

In using the software, the first step is to identify the file or files you wish to turn into a PDF/A compliant document and open it in Nitro Pro. Next is to select the “Convert” tab, click “To PDF/A” in the toolbar, and then you will be asked to choose which level of compliance you would like your file to be converted. After selecting, it is now time to choose where to save. Once saved, the conversion will process and you will receive a message that confirms that your file is converted. You can know about sodapdf resize easily.

3.  Using Acrobat X

Adobe Acrobat X Professional is software designed to change the different formats of files into PDF documents.

When using Acrobat X, you just have to Save As the PDF file that you wish to conform to PDF/A. Change the settings in the Save As window. The Preflight window appears then choose PDF/A-1b for Federal Court Filings while checking to create according to a PDF/A-1b profile. Afterward, check “Apply Corrections” then click the Ok button. It is good idea to know about pdf editor.

In A Nutshell

Technology nowadays is considered to be a necessity for everyone working in the business sector or the corporate. Upgrading your skills and knowledge will pave the way for the improvement of your work productivity. In this article, the conversion to PDF/A is shown to ensure that your document can be reproduced the same way with long-term preservation, regardless of what software is used. We hope this article helps you in managing your PDF files REP Calgary Homes!

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