4 Alternative Converters to Turn Documents to PDF

More often than not, PDF documents are the most preferred formats for transferring documents. This is because while working with the original document can sprout issues like a mixup in font sizes, spacing, and arrangement, working with PDF documents is a lot easier and handier. So why not PDF?

However, there are instances where you may want to convert your documents from the PDF formats back to the original formats or other document formats. What do you go about it then?

These gathered tips will guide you on the different steps to take.

1. PDFBear

One online tool that allows for flexibility in document conversion is the PDFBear. What’s even more interesting is that it provides for an alternative file conversion regarding PDF documents.

PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version of PDF that allows for a document to be reproduced exactly the same way while ensuring that it is preserved long term, irrespective of the software in use. PDF/A guarantees adequate protection of your uploaded document by providing a 256-bit encryption technology.

While using this tool, you can instantly convert your files from PDF to PDFA, another format that serves similar purposes to have your documents in a PDF format.

It provides four easy steps to ensure you can achieve this. To start, follow the processes outlined below:

  1. You can either choose to select or drag your PDF file – the one you intend to convert to  PDF/A.
  2. After selecting your desired file, it takes a moment for the file documents to be uploaded and scanned.
  3. Ensure you do not disrupt the process as the conversion continues. Give it a bit of time to be finished.
  4. Once successfully converted, you can download the converted PDF/immediately.

PDF/A is an entirely different tool from PDF – even much better as it stores documents over a longer period of time and rid it of features that may not allow the preservation process to last for a while. This makes the PDF/A tool one of the most advanced online document tools. Necessary requirements like a user interface and the likes add up to this uniqueness.

2. PDF to Word

A word document is usually in a Microsoft version. It is the original document you work on before having to convert the same to PDF format. While some prefer their Microsoft Word document to be converted to PDF, others may choose to leave it in the original state.

However, a PDF document can be converted back to the original Word document. All you have to do is go with these simple steps to get started:

When using Adobe Acrobat,

  1. Open or select the file you want to convert to Word, in Acrobat.
  2. Tap on the Export PDF tool in the right pane.
  3. Select Microsoft Word as your desired export format.
  4. Click Convert. Where your PDF contains some scanned text, it will be run through text recognition instantly in Acrobat.
  5. Give the Word file a name and save it in any location you desire.

Using the Acrobat premium version means you will be charged a certain amount, about $12.99 to convert a PDF document to a Word format. But where you’re not ready to give out cash, you can try this other free method.

From a number of online tools and sites, where you can convert your files,

  1. Click on the desired file you want to upload. Or use the drag-and-drop feature to upload your file.
  2. Go to the “” website
  3. When the process is complete, you are free to carry on with downloading the Word document version.

Some of these sites are;,, and amongst others.

3. PDF to Excel

In converting PDF to Excel, you can opt for different conversion tools to aid the process. Either Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat, or online conversion tools, whichever one you want works for you.

Spreadsheets sometimes could have financial information in them, which you don’t want to be altered. Most often, they are converted to a PDF format. However, to convert back to excel format, these few steps are necessary.

  1. Click on the file you want to convert and open the same.
  2. Tap on the “Export” icon
  3. Select “Create PDF/XPS”
  4. Browse through the options and change your settings
  5. Choose the items you wish to include in the PDF document.
  6. Add a new name to the document and tap on the ‘’publish’’ icon.

4. PDF to PowerPoint

Converting a PDF content to PowerPoint is done by copying the contents directly from the PDF format and pasting the same in PowerPoint slides. This can be tedious and stressful a bit.

This can be averted by retaining the formatting. To do this, convert the PDF version to a PowerPoint (PPTX) file. If you choose to use Adobe Acrobat, it provides the opportunity to change all the PDF pages instantly to PowerPoints.


PDFs are not the only formats in dealing with documents. You can change your document to whichever one you want. These highlighted steps will guide you.

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