4 reasons why therapy is essential to helping adults overcome child sexual abuse

Overcoming sexual abuse experienced during childhood is a painful process, but one with a light at the end of the tunnel. A million factors influence a survivor’s ability to overcome the effects of having been abused.

It may not be easy, but reclaiming your power is worth it. It takes real, professional help to overcome childhood sexual abuse.

Getting help from a trained therapist with experience in treating sexual abuse and trauma is the first step in getting your life back.

Having someone by your side to walk you through the process of recovery is priceless. As a survivor of child sex abuse, you should not have to go through your journey to victory alone. 

Here are four reasons why therapy is essential to overcoming child sexual abuse.

1. Therapists Guide Recovery From Child Sexual Abuse

Many subconscious factors linger in the aftermath of child sex abuse.

Without knowing why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling, why you’re behaving the way you are, or why your life looks the way that it does, you will have a tough time getting through this process without help.

As tormenting as child sexual abuse is, it does not have to rule you forever. A qualified therapist can guide you through the process of recovery, step-by-step.

With someone walking you through the process, you can take things as slowly as needed and work through feelings without being overwhelmed.

Trying to achieve this level of stability alone may be too difficult to accomplish. Give your mental health a break and enlist the help of a professional therapist to help you recover from child sexual abuse.

2. Therapists Use Evidence-Based Practices

While not all therapy is rooted in scientific evidence, the use of behavioral science and other evidence-supported practices to assist clients with their emotional recoveries is commonplace.

Therapists understand the importance of getting real results from the work that clients put into their sessions.

If you do your research and find a therapist who uses evidence-driven protocols for child abuse recovery, you are in good hands.

3. You Do More Than Talk

Some people think therapy is sitting on a couch, talking about your feelings. You might do that sometimes, but most therapists take an interactive approach that requires engagement to make real progress.

You will be given worksheets and helpful exercises to navigate recovery. Today, therapists are interested in providing real solutions.

4. Schema Techniques Teach You To Parent Yourself

Therapists utilizing schema-focused therapy techniques help clients work through child sexual abuse by reciting validating statements that an ideal parent or caregiver would use to parent their child.

As a victim of child sexual abuse, you were not parented in a healthy manner. You can feel validated for your pain by hearing validating statements and learning to parent yourself to recover from your trauma.

Get A Therapist And Reclaim Your Life

Without getting help from a therapist, recovery is beyond difficult. 

Reach out to a therapist today and work step-by-step to reclaim your life.  

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