4 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Integrated Marketing for Your Brand

Digital marketing is good, but integrated marketing is the best.

All the web hosting business owners are recommended to follow best marketing techniques to grow your hosting business to widen their reach on the Internet.

Integrated marketing brings the best of digital marketing and traditional marketing for your audience. That is why you cannot ignore integrated marketing anymore, especially after reading the following four reasons to implement integrated marketing for your brand.

What is integrated marketing?

Integrated marketing is a consistent and seamless marketing strategy for your brand that you will launch on many marketing channels, be it social media, paid digital advertising, search engine, or traditional printed media.

An example of integrated marketing

Let’s say your brand is a mattress company. Your brand recently launched a new mattress that will help people to sleep better. And to market it, you decide to go down the integrated marketing route, like these following plans:

  • Create a brand message and visuals for the campaign of the new mattress that you will follow across all marketing channels you enter
  • Plan a social media promotion and campaign that will attract curiosity to the new mattress
  • Create a remarkable landing page on your website only for the new mattress
  • Work with your offline retailers to promote your mattress, like providing a QR code to your special landing page on their storefront
  • Partner up with online influencers, be it YouTubers, podcasters, bloggers, or social media influencers, to talk about your new mattress online
  • Run a paid advertising, such as social media advertising for the campaign
  • Run all those campaigns with a unified message and goal in mind

Ultimately, the goal of integrated marketing is to deliver a unified and holistic message across all the channels your brand uses and avoiding the risk of mixed messages and communication in a disconnected tone that may affect how your audience perceives your brand.

Four ways integrated marketing is key for a business success

Integrated marketing can be a driving force to boost your brand higher than ever. It gives your customers an incredible and satisfying buyer’s journey. However, there are four more other solid reasons in the following points.

Spread your voice to a broader audience

Utilising integrated marketing as your primary marketing strategy means initiating a conversation about your brand through multiple marketing channels. Your target audience will know about you on many channels, be it offline marketing or digital marketing. By utilising many channels, you can amplify your brand more and more, potentially reaching a wider audience if you successfully implement an integrated marketing strategy.

Lead to more conversions for your brand

You can expect more conversions if you implement the best practice of integrated marketing. It can help with whatever conversion goals you have in mind for your brand.

You’re probably wondering, how could that be possible?

As previously mentioned, the best practice of integrated marketing is to deliver a unified and holistic marketing message. In turn, it will lead to a consistent, organised, and seamless buyer’s journey for your potential and existing customers. As a result, the experience you created will convert them into your customers.

Building brand awareness and recognition

Integrated marketing strategy encourages your brand to be seen on so many channels.

They can see your promotional message and visuals on offline marketing channels, like printed media that you collaborate with.

Then, suppose you are a mattress company; your potential customers can come across your website if you also perform SEO optimisations for the website of your mattress company.

In essence, people who never know your business will be aware of your brand because your brand can be seen on many touchpoints of a buyer’s journey.

More business growth, less struggle

According to Betsy Holden, a senior advisor from McKinsey & Co,” Integrated marketing offers opportunities to break through to consumers in new markets”.

Besides bringing new customers, so many companies already proved that integrated marketing helps in:

  • Encourage people to be loyal to your brand
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Consistent message and visuals increase brand recognition

The four main points why you cannot ignore integrated marketing

  • Integrated marketing delivers a unified message for your marketing campaign across multiple channels
  • A well-planned strategy can boost your brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty
  • Bringing new customers to initiate the growth you are looking for
  • Provide a pleasant buyer’s journey for your potential and existing customers

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