4 Things You Should Not Do While Designing Your Business Cards

When you are designing business cards, keep these four things in mind.

1) Do not leave margins that are too wide.

The business card is the perfect example of the fact that everything has to be just about right. The business card is expected to carry your business logo, your business contact details and maybe some taglines or important phrases. You cannot afford to have any unnecessary space here because it could create a bad impression of the business owner instead of showcasing it as an effective business tool. Remember; business cards need to be small but significant enough for readers to remember what they read. So make sure that you do not give too much room for other people’s imagination; keep it real tight!

2) Do not leave lines untidy or unaligned.

Even though business cards are tiny, they should not look like business cards that were printed at home with low-quality printers; business cards need to be neat and organized. Typefaces should be clear and readable. If you do not have business card designing software, it is advisable to use the same font in your business card because it will maintain uniformity in business cards. You can also opt for different sizes of fonts but make sure that what you have used stands out clearly, otherwise use texts instead of fancy words in small fonts when designing business cards. Lines should also be well aligned so that text looks balanced throughout the business card design. There is no place for creative chaos here!

3) Do not print both sides of business cards in a similar manner.

Depending on the business you are in, business card printing services offer various business card sizes and two-sided business card printing is also common with these services. When you choose to print business cards on both sides, make sure that the design of the business cards for one side is quite different from that of the other side, because people normally flip over business cards when they read them. In such a case, it will be an absolute waste if two identical designs appear before clients.

4) Do not print art work or images without checking their quality and size first.

You must have seen business owners trying to save money by getting artwork printed directly from their PCs or mobile phones instead of going for professional business card printing services. This simply does not work because business cards need to have high-resolution images or business logos that can be reproduced correctly on business cards without any blurs or distortions. When you carry a business card, you are representing your business and its products, so it is better to trust business card printing professionals for help rather than risk investing in the entire business by going cheap!

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Custom business cards are indispensable during business seminars, business conferences and business meetings where you need to leave lasting impressions on potential customers. You can choose business card printing that has an appealing design or one that stands out in the crowd at affordable prices in India!

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