5 Amazing ways how Kratom can promote a mindful life

Mindfulness is a powerful practice that can transform the way we experience our lives. Mindfulness practice can change – the way we react to stress, the way we think and behave, the way we feel, the way we interact with our loved ones and so much more. Becoming more mindful will help you welcome more positivity in your life.

Living life in a more balanced form is known as holistic living. So we can say that holistic living is a way of promoting mindful life.

Kratom is the latest addition in the world of natural remedial solutions. Because of its immense popularity, Kratom has now become a trend in holistic wellness practices.

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How is Kratom beneficial?

Kratom is a locally famous tree and Southeast Asia. And it primarily grows in regions of Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Brunei. Now Kratom has made its way in the western world and now is available in almost every part of the world.

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Leaves of Kratom have several alkaloids in them. Alkaloids are active compounds in Kratom and these alkaloids are the reason for the beneficial properties of Kratom. According to research, there are 40 known alkaloids in Kratom. Out of these 25 alkaloids are known to the world. The structure and function of these alkaloids are studied.

The two most well-known alkaloids in them are Mitragynine and 7 – hydroxy mitragynine. Mitragynine covers 60% part of the alkaloid content in the leaf.

The structure of mitragynine is like an indole alkaloid. The function of mitragynine is – its analgesic, anti-diarrhea, antimalarial, reduces coughing, adrenergic and non-psychoactive.

On the other hand, 7 – hydroxyl mitragynine covers less portion of Kratom but it also has very attractive benefits. It is a natural analgesic, and primary psychoactive compound.

Some more alkaloids present in Kratom are Paynantheine and Speciogynine. Both covers 7 -8% of Kratom leaf. And they function as a muscle relaxer.

5 ways to use Kratom to promote mindful life

Kratom plays various roles when it comes to users’ benefits. It shows different effects on different dosages. We can say that Kratom is highly dosage sensitive. Below are 5 amazing ways to use Kratom for promoting mindful life.

1. Kratom in mindfulness meditation

Kratom is from a coffee family. Therefore it acts as a natural nootropic. The effect of Kratom is not only physical but also cognitive. Kratom is an ideal stimulant, booster, nootropic, and motivational agent. Some of the benefits of Kratom are happiness, better mood, stimulation, focus, concentration, motivation, optimism, stress relief, anxiety relief, and many more.

Meditation requires precision and accuracy for each move. Using Kratom for meditation speeds up the learning process of view and shows better than usual effects.

The user only needs 3-5 grams of Kratom as a kick start dose to induce the effects of Kratom during meditation. But the dosage is ideal; if you have no previous experience with Kratom then it is advisable to take a small dose like 1-2 grams.

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The self-controlling effect enhances and improves day by day by using Kratom.

2. Kratom to boost energy

More people are using Kratom for energy boost every day. The alkaloids or chemical compounds in Kratom have the properties of being stimulating to energize. If taken lower doses, the results are energy-boosting. And after usage, you will sense sharpness and positivity in yourself. Nevertheless, the stuff you normally find hard in your depressing life would feel much easier. It’s a stimulant that interacts with opioid receptors to generate effects like more energy, less physical pain, and better mood.

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3. Kratom for better mood

A premium quality Kratom product will give you a smooth calming experience that is mildly euphoric. Kratom can be a way to escape from daily anxiety-ridden life even if it is just for a couple of hours. Anxiety is a type of bad mood. To get rid of anxiety and bad thoughts take a green or red variety of Kratom. Depression is another type of mood disorder that can be managed with red Kratom. While using the above-mentioned strains of Kratom you can experience a rush of positivity on mild euphoria with varying degrees of calmness.

4. Kratom for stress relief

As told earlier, the alkaloids in Kratom bind to the opioid receptors in the brain, relieving pain. During chronic stress, the Serotonin and dopamine levels drop in your body. Serotonin hormone promotes the feeling of happiness and dopamine hormone is for motivation and feeling of pleasure. Kratom alkaloids attach to opioid receptors and the brain starts releasing serotonin and dopamine hormone. This is how Kratom acts to get relief from stress so that you get more positive thoughts and feel more cheerful.

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5. Kratom to support wellness naturally

Always look for natural ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance. Research says that many people are now using Kratom to control their blood sugar and manage their depression.

Kratom is a blessing for us humans because of its recreational and medicinal benefits. The idea to combine Kratom in your life to promote mindfulness is a brilliant approach due to its superior benefits. However, always keep in mind that Kratom is very much dosage-dependent. The dose depends on multiple body parameters so you need to calculate your body mass index by the BMI Calculator, weight along with many more things. Take care of it. Consult a doctor for more information and guidance.

For living mindful life, using Kratom is an intelligent idea.

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