5 [Best and Cheap] Programming Courses For Students

If you are looking for a wallet-friendly programming course, then you have landed on the right page.

Learning coding languages as per industry standards is going to help you get a high-paying job.

There are a lot of options that you can pursue—Python, Java, R programming, Big Data, full-stack development, web development, and more.

As a student, mastering your favorite language with experienced instructors will give you the expertise needed for the tech companies.

Usually, these courses are on a weekly or hourly basis. And the fees/prices could vary based on duration and course material.

Edureka is one of the popular e-learning platforms that provides specialized courses  and certifications from expert trainers.

So, to start initially you can SAVE a considerable chunk of money using the Edureka coupon code and offers. Discounted prices become cheaper and suitable for everyone.

Depending on current trends and top requirements, below are some great courses for students.

Trending Programming Courses and Certifications –

1. Comprehensive JAVA Course Certification Training

Java is one of the popular languages for application development. The majority of the Big MNCs work with JAVA frameworks.

This particular course from Edureka teaches you Object-oriented Java concepts, Dynamic data storage, Database integration via JDBC, and exception handling.

You can practice the fundamentals of Java with the test materials and try designing basic to complex apps.

The course is suitable for students who are willing to join Java-oriented companies. To fit this course in your pocket money, check out these Edureka coupons to get a discount.

2. Python Django Training and Certification

These days, Python and Django apps are pretty trending. If you are interested in joining startup companies that design apps using python, this course is perfect for you.

You get to learn JQuery, AJAX, REST frameworks, and every Python coding concept.

With the certification, you can land a high-paying job as a Software developer. There is a wide learning scope in Django web frameworks.

Not only students but IT professionals can also opt for this course to practice the latest concepts.

This course could be a bit costly for students. But you can SAVE BIG and get cashback with this Edureka discount coupon. Check out the deal today to get the best live deals.

3. The Web Developer Bootcamp course

Udemy offers this latest Web developer course to make you an expert in HTML, CSS, and more.

The course teaches modern javascript, SQL database integrations, dynamic web-app, and NodeJs.

A thorough understanding of all these coding concepts would make you an expert in web development.

Almost every tech company needs a web developer. Learning advanced HTML and CSS can open up a lot of job opportunities for you.

4. iOS & Swift- The complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

App development is the never-ending and most creative career path for developers. With this Udemy course, you can easily design and develop apps for iOS.

The course offers a thorough understanding and knowledge of the SwiftUI framework for Apple’s UI designing.

You get to use machine learning in apps practically. You also get to create your App portfolio that can open up an opportunity as a junior web developer.

This course is perfect for students, startup owners, and amateur app developers to specialize in Apple apps.

5. Full Stack Web Developer Masters Program

Full Stack developers are always in demand. Almost every other domain, irrespective of tech, needs technology infrastructure.

As a full-stack developer, you can create the entire web application. Knowledge of both front-end and back-end gives you authority to handle every layer of the web application.

The master’s program by Edureka connects you with domain experts via live lectures. You also get to learn Amazon Web Services(AWS) and Google APIs.

As it’s the master’s program, the course fees are a bit higher. Try using the Edureka coupon code to SAVE BIG on master’s programs.

Final Words

Programming and development courses give you hands-on in industry-standard coding practices. The above courses are handpicked for you to build a solid coder portfolio.

While fees could be a concern, for which you can check out discount deals and student offers on GreatBuyz. Choose the course, apply the offer and earn BIG cash back along the way.

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