5 Kinds of Instagram Content Popular amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many luxury brands that had their Instagram feed full of designer clothes, handbags, or glamorous shows are no longer using such content amid the COVID-19 pandemic. On the contrary, you will find a senior citizen folding laundry at home or providing online classes amid the pandemic. Since March 2020, the US and the entire world have accepted the new normal of staying indoors, working from home, and adhering to social distancing norms. Besides brands, even individuals are sharing corona symptoms on social media. According to an article published in Huffington Post, Bjonda Haliti, who is a 22-year old girl from Los Angeles, shared her corona symptoms once she was tested positive.

Brands are deciding what type of content to share daily basis on Instagram at these troubled times. With user-generated content, you can gain likes even if that means you just manage a few likes in the beginning. Here are five ideas to help you share relevant content amid the epidemic:

1. Genuine conversations

Even if you share low-fidelity and do not create an extremely curated feed, IG likes buy won’t be affected. Amid the corona crisis, you can provide deeper insights into your business by posting content; say a chat you had with your stakeholders, some interviews you conducted, AMAs, and a question-answer session through live videos on Instagram. You can consult with influencers, experts, employees, followers, friends of the brand, and of course, your fans.

You may even ask Instagrammers to submit questions through Instagram Stories. Such content is perfect for IG Live or video, especially amid the pandemic when Instagram Live is popular.

When you host a question-answer session on how to stay safe from the infection, it not only engages users but people also who receive valuable information related to the disease, its prevention, and staying safe.

2. User-generated content (UGC)

The best supporters for your business are those individuals showering their love and concern amid the corona crisis. You can begin by reviewing relevant images and hashtags to figure out people are engaging with your IG content. If users share tips on staying safe amid the pandemic, you can re-post their content by seeking permission to do so. UGC helps you to increase likes and comments when others talking about the content. You will find loads of UGC and share the same on your IG feed.

UGC content is real and builds trust among your followers and customers, increasing user engagement and sales. Did you know that 85 percent of customers think that UGC is more effective than branded content?

When it comes to UGC, it does not mean that you always focus on a specific topic. You can show how your followers are adhering to good hygiene, the correct way to wear masks, and how people are dining safely at home instead of restaurants amid lockdown and social distancing norms. You can even share UGC related to the starters and main course menus prepared by people at their homes. You may even share how people are working from home and maintaining safety in their homes.

3. Influencer content

These days, influencers are on the same as your Instagram followers. They are staying indoors and practicing social distancing. With more screen time amid the global pandemic, influencers are churning out more content than they used to do before the corona crisis.

When it comes to the influencer market, it was hit by the COVID-19 breakout, and therefore, you can use this time to connect with them on Instagram. You can reach out to influencers looking for opportunities. It will help in developing a great business relationship in the days to come, benefitting your business as well as influencers.

Influencers have the skills to generate engaging content and they have a connection to expose your brand to new people on social media. You can make the most out of this opportunity to build connections through influencer content. That does not mean you need to look for celebs. You will find many micro-influencers with 1K to 100,000 followers. Such influencers will help your brand to foray into niche market segments.

4. Behind-the-scenes content

When it comes to your Instagram followers, they like to see your face behind the business as well as their involvement in it. Therefore, amid the pandemic, you can give your followers a tour of your new home office amid lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. It will make your followers and prospects feel that you care about them.

You can create Instagram Stories content, some casual behind-the-scenes videos of you and some of your followers in a chat on tips to stay safe amid the crisis, or what kind of masks are safe to protect one from the deadly infection.

5. Content for the welfare of the community

Businesses, especially the big ones with millions or multiple followers are in a position to use Instagram for sharing health information, vaccination center details, support-worthy initiatives, and motivate their followers to do the same good work for the greater good of the community.

Therefore, you can use this time to promote charitable events, feeding the starved people, giving clothes to poor children, and providing free vaccination for the underprivileged. You can even create content showing how you are supporting health workers amid the pandemic. It will help you to improve brand exposure. For more information, you can visit IIgers or similar platforms to learn more about Instagram content.

Let us explain this point with the help of some examples. For instance, brands such as The Crème Shop and Forever 21 are donating masks to health workers on the frontlines. Again, Louis Vuitton opened several workshops in the US to produce masks. You too can do such good work like manufacturing masks, sanitizers, and things like that.

There are brands, which are donating money to non-profit organizations for providing meals and feeding the poor or those assisting amid the pandemic.

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Until the pandemic stays, brands should share Instagram content that is beneficial, useful, and light-hearted to make people smile at these troubled times. Today, you need to create more health-focused content instead of paid ads.

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