5 Most Common Air Conditioning Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid


  • Are you a homeowner that is looking to increase the life and longevity of your air conditioning systems?
  • Do you know how you can ensure that your air conditioners deliver great and energy-efficient services for a long time?
  • Have you looked at choosing an air conditioning service company that can help you keep the costs down?

We are all aware of how Global Warming and Climate Changes have resulted in stark increases and decreases in temperatures. Regions that did not see summer temperatures go beyond twenty-degree Celsius have seen the same rise to over forty degrees.

This is one reason why many parts of the world are now opting for air conditioners right through the year. HVAC or heating ventilation and cooling have become a necessity in most homes all over the world.

Investing in an air conditioner is a great decision. It can help keep the occupants of the house comfortable and prevent sickness and diseases arising out of temperature changes. However, caring for your air conditioner is also essential.

In this article, we look at the five most common air conditioning mistakes homeowners should avoid.

List of 5 most common air conditioning mistakes homeowners should avoid

1. Choosing the Wrong Air Conditioner Size-

The first thing homeowners should look to do is select the right size of the air conditioner. This should be done after taking into consideration the size of the room. Rooms that are above two hundred square feet should be services with a system that is above two tons.

If the size becomes an issue, you would either end up overspending for a bigger unit for a smaller room, or spending on huge electricity costs by purchasing a smaller air conditioner for a bigger size room. This is why homeowners should try to choose the right size.

2. Not Hiring an Air Conditioning Service Company-

If you are buying a new air conditioner, you are making a huge investment. You would want your air conditioner to remain in pristine condition and serve you well, in terms of cooling power as well as optimum energy consumption.

Working with an air conditioning service company from the very start makes a lot of sense. They can help you with installation, regular servicing needs, and repair if something goes wrong. So if your AC breakdowns, please avoid doing DIY projects and call ac repair Las Vegas professionals to do the work instead.

3. Skimming on the Service Needs and Intervals of the Air Conditioner-

An air conditioner is just like any other machine and requires regular service and maintenance. This is one more reason why selecting an air conditioning service company is very important. You need to engage in filter cleaning, coil changes, gas injection, and more for your ac units.

Regular servicing can help in improving energy efficiency and bring down power consumption costs. It can also help in identifying problems before they emerge and help prevent costs related to parts replacements and so on. Finally, it helps increase the lifespan.

4. Not doing Adequate Research before Buying the Unit and Hiring the Service Company-

You need to purchase an air conditioner from a reputed and credible company. This is one reason why you need to Sansone Air Conditioning reviews to understand what makes them one of the very best companies in the entire United States.

Homeowners should stay away from companies that have questionable credentials. Looking at GMB page reviews, checking the brand’s social media pages, and engaging in some research on platforms like Quora and Reddit can help in researching the air conditioner.

5. Going for the Cheapest and Lowest Price Quotations-

As customers, we are always tempted by the lowest quote or price that a brand gives to us. However, in the case of air conditioners, the lowest prices are something homeowners should stay away from. In this case, cheap reflects not only prices, but also quality of work.

Rather than opting for the cheapest option, homeowners should go for a brand that is in the mid-range. Meaning, it is neither too expensive, nor too cheap. You do not want a system that would break down in a couple of months. Hence, money is something that should not dictate your judgment.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have looked at five of the most common mistakes homeowners should avoid making. If you have any more mistakes that you would want to add to the list, please feel free to do so in the comments section below. If you have any other questions on air conditioners that you would like us to answer, let us know.

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