5 Simple Ideas To Refresh Your Kitchen With Bright Colors

There are so many features you can install in your kitchen to make it more exquisite or appealing. Adding inspiring colors and better lighting to your kitchen cabinets and walls is a great move. Apart from the fact that some colors make you love being around them, there is a different type of class and finesse your kitchen smells of. You can even decide to be painting the kitchen with different color choices from time to time. That is way cheaper than doing renovations. What are those tips to consider in turning your kitchen to have that fabulous look?

Refurbishing or buying a new house with a new kitchen

When you don’t have complete control over the layout of your kitchen appliances and counter space, everything becomes discomforting and you will dread going to your own kitchen. Just painting the walls or cabinets may not suffice as painting doesn’t take away anything standing in your way in the kitchen. The best thing to do here is to upgrade your kitchen by installing a 30-inch stainless steel sink which will enhance the overall look. you can also start remodeling your kitchen,  An average kitchen remodel would cost much but can’t be as costly as a renovation or buying a new home with a new kitchen. You can handle the remodeling process with the help of DIY materials online or call some contractors to help you handle it. All you need is to tell them how your ideal kitchen should look like and they will work around your preferences.

Install bar consoles and stick up under-cabinet lights

To add more class to your kitchen, you can create a mini-bar somewhere around one of the corners. This will mean that you have to install bar consoles. You can order the parts and assemble them yourself. There are loads of tutorials online teaching people how to install bar consoles themselves. You have to start with the hanging cabinets and then install the base cabinets. This furniture addition can serve as the bearers for your wines and some cups. After affixing a bar console, you can make it more beautiful by adding colors to it. You can round up by sticking up some under-cabinet lighting to make it more glaring.

Allow for more natural lighting

A dark kitchen has a way of affecting your psyche. Apart from the fact that it is not safe for it to be dull, your eyes could get affected as you will always have to overwork them before you can see what you are doing. It is important to find a way to improve the influx of natural lighting during the day. Don’t keep the curtains or blinds down all of the time. So many accidents occur in the kitchen because of poor lighting. If you do not have many windows, you can affix mirrors to some strategic places to help reflect the rays that come in through the window. The mirror creates an illusion of more light and space. With natural lighting, you can even grow an indoor small garden which would definitely refresh your kitchen with bright green color. But if the sunlight doesn’t reach the plants directly, you could always use LED grow lights to grow them faster.

Turn recessed lights into pendant lights and replace dull bulbs

Another way to brighten your kitchen is to reposition the bulbs that are too close to the ceiling to become farther away from it and closer to the work tables. This way, the kitchen can become brighter than it was. Some parts of the kitchen like the work table may not have proper lighting over it. You can change the bulbs over them to brighter bulbs. Experts recommend 80 watts or 100 watts bulbs for your kitchen. If you are using 60 watts bulbs then you need to change them to improve visibility and brightness.

Use clamp lamps

Clamp lamps can be fixed anywhere in the kitchen using screws. It is an easy way to add more lighting to the kitchen especially if the overhead lights are not bright enough. You only need to find the dark spots and brighten them up using the lamps. You can do this yourself by learning about the process online.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it is a venue for quite a number of activities apart from converging to cook. It now serves as a spot for entertainment. Some parents even choose it as the perfect venue for helping their kids with their homework. Considering the traffic it attracts day in day out, it is important that you make it stand out. Using the right color scheme and proper lighting are some of the numerous ways of adding class to your kitchen and making it brighter.

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